Saturday, 11 October 2008

The unbearable cuteness of kittens

These two cuties are Pepsi and Whisky! They arrived to live with us last Thursday (2nd October) so have firmly taken over!! So far they haven't recked anything, touch wood, but they aren't allowed many places on their own...

We have been to the vets once for vaccinations, worming, general check over and blood tests for FIV and Leukemia (because their Dad is a stray) and although we weren't popular it went well and they were as good as gold when we were with them. Apparently Pepsi nearly hit the roof when the blood tests were done but that is understandable.

(I am currently being attacked by Whisky who is not usually this playful......!!!)

Plum (the hamster) doesn't seem to care about the presence of the cats and is going about her daily trial to try and escape from her cage. The cats aren't allowed in the living room when we aren't around as that is Plum's home and we need to sort her cage out a bit better before we can trust it not to be break-out-able...... At the moment it has numerous pirex dishes on top of it as she can lift the top up. Little bugger she is (and it is a poorly designed cage.....).

The fish apparently are quite interesting but have only been looked at. The one's in the kitchen have actually been left alone entirely.

Other than these two the holiday was really good, we good some really good weather considering what it had been like. Was really good to see my Aunty V in Wensleydale and as always the cheese factory was great!!

Unfortunately my relapse didn't continue to get better but decided to get worse...... It hasn't moved around much which is good, but my right leg has become more numb again, to the point where my balance has been affected, my right arm/hand is also more numb and is causing some pain by the end of a days typing, also the right side of my head is numb! Never had a numb head before, it also itches which is really nice....! And the normal tiredness and bladder problems that go with my relapses. Still it could be worse and I'm only annoyed as I was hoping it was getting better nice and quickly for once.......

Having said all that I noticed that my leg seemed a bit better yesterday so I am going to just keep my fingers crossed at some point before Xmas things return to normal (for me).

So all in all am actually feeling positive and better in myself at the moment. Still having moments and am planning to continue some counselling at the MS Therapy Centre. I have also had Physio recommended to help with my balance so hope to do that there as well.

I am going to go now so I can get harassed some more before I go off for my flu jab!