Sunday, 30 May 2010

Annual Review

I had my annual review with my neuro on Thurs. My appointment was supposed to be at 15:30 and I eventually got in at 16:55 - a new low for my hospital - they are usually pretty good..... Apparently the ash cloud had caused my Cons' clinic to be cancelled a few weeks earlier and they had shoved a lot of them into the clinic I was booked into. Unsurprisingly this lead to the long delay and me not managing to get my bloods done on the day.

Anyway, I got in to see Weir, spent 10 mins explaining what had gone on since I last saw him, him doing the usual checking of reflexes, hoping etc and that was that. Still, he was pleased with me and thinks that although I am experiencing symptoms fairly regularly the fact that they remain sensory in the same areas means they are memories of previous relapses rather than new inflammatory relapses - bonus - my brain is not becoming more broken!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Weight update - Weight Watchers

Well I stopped the Cambridge Diet - I decided that I had had enough and wasn't doing it properly. I had a couple of weeks off, put on 5lb and decided to join Weight Watchers. I hove now lost 4.5lb of the 5lb I put on so things are back in the right direction!

Still plodding along!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Black Brush Algae (BBA)

Over the last couple of months I have noticed a layer of black hairy algae over certain plants - which has recently covered most things in the aquarium..... Through Google I have identified it as Black Brush Algae - which is apparently reasonably difficult to get rid of but is manageable with certain changes to my tank regime - actually having a regime would be a start.......

At the moment - I change water when I remember and feed once a day. I have light on for approx 10 hours a day and have an increasing % of live plants. I have sand substrate (making it difficult to get the poo off of the sand), bogwood and some 'plastic' ornaments. The tank is next to a window but the curtains are closed throughout the day (we don't have net up at the moment).

My 200L tank has: 5 Corydoras, 3 Zebra Loaches, 3 Coolie Loaches, 6 Zebra Danios, 6 Cherry Barbs, 8 Platys (2 fry), 6 male Guppies, 1 Bristlenose Plec and Trumpet Snails.

So, what to do about the algae - trying to take it all out is not, apparently, an effective way of removing it - it will grow back. So, back to Google for further assistance....!

It appears that the Siamese Flying Fox (or Siamese Algae Eater (SAE) enjoys eating this type of algae so the first thing I did yesterday was go out and buy some SAE fish. According to a stocking calculator I have plenty of space left for fish - especially as my filter is more than adequate for my tank - so I bought 3. They are now in quarantine for the next few days before going into the main tank.

My filter was overdue a rinse so I did that - found one of the Coolie Loaches when I poured the water over the garden (panic stations as the fish burrows.....) but managed to get him back and into the tank. Problem with the Coolie Loaches is that we rarely see them so I would have no idea if one had disappeared..... I also found some snails in my filter which is fine as it means they are still in there doing their bit but that the Loaches are also doing theirs!

I have trimmed all the plants back - some of them are very vigorous - and that has reduced the amount of algae and added the recommended dose of fertiliser. I have also taken out several artificial plants that were looking a bit ropey...... I have ordered Seachem Flourish Excel which will apparently help due to one of the chemicals in it. Increasing CO2 has also been recommended to help encourage plant growth - I have investigated CO2 injection and have ordered a tester to see whether I need to add it or whether my tank is ok.

It has also been suggested that too many water changes, even small ones, would not help. I should however try and be better at doing the small weekly water changes - for the sake of the fish apart from anything else.......

I am hoping my new fish, chemicals and better care will sort out my problem!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Foster cats

Both of our foster cats have now gone. Thelma was adopted mid April and Cindy was taken home by her new owners today. Both sets of adopters (couples) seemed really nice and I am happy both cats have gone to a good home. Neither wanted to go into their carriers to leave but then I think that is normal for cats!!

Having fostered our first cats we will definitely be fostering more - we are hoping to get a pen to fit in our garden but will continue to foster inside for the time being.

On a completely different tack - it is B and my first wedding anniversary tomorrow - time really does fly!!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Checking in

Thought I'd check in as I haven't said 'Hi' for a while!

B and I have just had a week off together doing not a lot! It has been great, although I spent most of the week recovering from a work do on the Friday evening....... I won an award at work - for going above and beyond (apparently - thought I was just doing my job) and as a result was invited to the 'Thank U' event. This year it was at the Wyndham Grand Chelsea Harbour Hotel and we were treated to a gala dinner and night stay. We also had a small bottle of Champagne and a box of Champagne chocolates in the room afterwards.

Needless to say I got 'quite' drunk courtesy of the free flowing Champagne prior to dinner and the free flowing wine during dinner..... One by one I located the Executive Committee of Unum UK, including our big chief and dragged them (sometimes literally) onto the dance floor. I think most of the Ex Co were a little worse for wear by the end of the night anyway so I am hoping they will have forgotten me by now!!

The hotel itself was really nice. It is an all suite hotel so we had huge rooms! Anyway, a good night seemed to be had by all and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Not much else to report at the moment. I have gone back to pre filled syringes of Rebif as the RebiSmart was a bit painful, unwieldy and more bulky when travelling. I'm sure some people love it, I prefer to inject manually. I did get a shiny new Rebiject as well, don't use that very often though.

Symptoms wise, rumbling along as usual at the moment. Seem to have settled down to a vaguely sensible level again!