Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Diets and Kittens

Slightly strange combination I accept, however they are both hot topics in my house. I am really struggling to get back on the diet. I have lost the half stone I put on on holiday and a couple more pounds - about 9lb in total over the last 2.5 weeks. I just wish I could get back to it properly...... just so many things happening at the weekends and no real will not to eat the nice food..... :0( Well, I'll keep plodding on and try to get back to it properly at some point, in the meantime I need to find a balance so I don't make myself ill going back and forth - going on and off the Cambridge Weight Plan gives me headaches......

Now for the kittens; we have 4 Cats Protection kittens - they will be 9 weeks old on the 8 August and are cute, cute, cute and more cute!! They don't have official names as yet. The 2 in the pink bed are Beta and Delta and the 2 on the white fleece are Alpha and Charlie. Alpha and Beta are off to a home together in a few weeks and Delta is off to another home. Charlie may be homed with a colleague of mine but we are waiting on another Cats Protection branch.

It's lovely having kittens, I do, of course, want to keep them all but I know I can't. It is funny how big Whisky and Pepsi look - I am thinking they need to loose a few pounds just like their owners.....!! Whisky met the kittens briefly - they are quick little buggers - and there was hissing on both sides - think Whisky may have wanted to eat them!!!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Back on the diet.....

......nuff said!