Monday, 22 February 2010

Weigh in today

Lost another 4lb, was hoping for another 1lb but I'm happy enough!

That leaves me 4lb to get to 4 stone off, was hoping to get there by the end of Feb but that is unlikely now. I have a weekend of eating ahead of me so I am not expecting a large loss so will have to settle for reaching 4 stone on the 8 March, hopefully and 5 stone by the end of March - I do set myself up don't I!

Rebif wise - things have been going well, no more bad reactions - phew!

Saturday, 13 February 2010


So, the new RebiSmart. The nurse, sponsored by Merck Serono was late. She was however given the wrong address so I'll forgive some of the time!

She went through the use of the machine, fairly self explanatory and the machine provides instructions along the way as well. She also went over the injection sites with me - I was either told slightly wrong initially or I remember wrong - not ruling out either - so that was useful. I think she wanted to go into Rebif and what it does but I felt no need to go over that again.

I injected with the machine around 4pm and it was easy and fairly comfortable. There are several adjustments you can make for your own comfort so I will be gradually changing one thing a week to see what suits me best. I have been advised by the nurse that I have access to her support for an initial 3 month period and after that we can discuss what further support I want/need. My guess is I won't need to speak to her from one week to the next - big fan of managing myself!

I used the injector Wednesday night - into my thigh - and then had the worst night ever. I had all the flu-like symptoms, shivering so hard all my muscles and joints ached in the morning, couldn't sleep and had a horrendous headache. By the time I got up to shower and go to work I felt dreadful and wanted to cry. I managed to shower but then needed to sit down between showering and cleaning my teeth. B was fairly adamant that I didn't try and go to work given the 3 hours broken sleep I had had and by the time I had tried to get ready for work I agreed...... So a day off work, presumably as a result of the Rebif, 2.5 years after starting it. Weird.

I contacted the Rebif nurse and she wasn't really sure but thought it may be the fact that it was delivered properly. I think it was because I normally inject straight out of the fridge and Wednesday night it was warm - just a thought anyway. Last night I injected out of the fridge and took some extra ibuprofen. No problems, slept well and felt fine this morning. Who knows, extra pain relief or straight out of the fridge??

Given my bad day Thursday and not great day Friday I have eaten a 'few' chocolates. Got on the scales this morning and seem to have put on some weight since Wednesday - water retention at a guess...... Having chicken and cabbage (nicer than it sounds) tonight for dinner but other than that meal I need to be 100% to get rid of the water. Just 8lb to go to my first goal - must focus!

Monday, 8 February 2010

In the eternal words of Victor Meldrew....

I don't believe it! Apparently I have lost another 4lb! Now I was weighed before lunch so I guess that would be a pounds worth, but I am chuffed given I only got into gear on Thursday.

I haven't been doing it 100% for a couple of weeks hence the more steady losses, however I want to get this next stone off by the 28 February, therefore I flipped the switch and got back on the wagon - lets hope I can stay there!

Got my RebiSmart training this afternoon - I will let you know how it goes....

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Go me!

I have now officially lost just over 3 stone since 20 October 2009. I am well chuffed! Just another 3 1/2 to go!!

Monday, 1 February 2010


...... I have now lost over 3 stone!

Have a meeting tonight so am going to weigh in tomorrow but according to my scales (which I have tracked my weight loss on also) I have lost another 3lb, taking me to just over 3 stone lost!

Very exciting although not a great loss again - self control at the brewery was some what lacking......

I will confirm tomorrow.