Saturday, 29 January 2011

Busy busy!!

It's been a while, the time just goes doesn't it...... B and I have been up to a few bits and pieces over the last couple of weeks.

I'll start with the current house guest - and I volunteered for this....... Daisy is a long term foster cat which basically means that she permanently lives with someone but Cats Protection Reading East pick up the medical bills. Daisy's long term fosterer became ill around 3 weeks ago requiring a short stay in hospital. She has been home about a week now but caught a bug and ended up with a chest infection so we have kept Daisy whilst she recovers. When I volunteered to take Daisy it was because the CP Welfare officer was having trouble thinking of where to place her. Daisy has diabetes managed by caninsulin injections twice a day and as she also has arthritis it was felt an indoor fosterer was best. Well Daisy and I haven't got on from the start and we generally have a tantrum every injection...... Eventually I moved Daisy into the pen as the room we have is no longer particularly suitable for cats, especially one needing a regular injection.

Once in the pen Daisy started eating properly and we got into a better routine with the injections, she did however start urinating in her sleeping area and I noticed her urine smelled sweet - hyperglycaemia - I thought. So when I got an email that night (8 days after we got Daisy) advising that she also had hyperthyroidism I got onto Google and found out that the 2 conditions interact and that the untreated hyperthyroid was likely to be worsening the diabetic control...... So vets the next evening - I got mildly told off for giving Daisy an extra unit of insulin, although I think he worked out I didn't do it with absolutely no knowledge, and the urine dipstick noted the presence of pretty much anything that shouldn't be in urine - UTI and hyperglycaemia, so if the hyperthyroid wasn't buggering Daisy's sugar levels the UTI will have done.

So Daisy got an anti-biotic shot and some tablets for her thyroid. Daisy has stopped urinating unexpectedly seems to be much better in herself. We still have tantrums every injection time and now a tablet has been added to the mix. Daisy went to the vets for the weekend last weekend and was apparently very well behaved and purring - she really really doesn't like me.....

Hopefully Daisy should be going home tomorrow where she can be happy and comfortable again!

The reason for our weekend away was The National Winter Ales Festival held in Manchester 19 - 22 January. We went up by train on the Thursday evening arriving at the Premier Inn that we had booked at around 22:45 and then headed off for the Beer Festival after a Weatherspoon's breakfast on the Friday. We were there, ready and waiting for the opening and set up camp for the afternoon at a table. We ate at a Chinese restaurant called Yang Sing after the festival and then had some more drinks in the Weatherspoon's before heading back. On Saturday we mooched around Manchester, went on the Manchester wheel thing and drank more beer! We ate at a place called Swadesh Saturday night and we were both really impressed by the food - excellent meal! The train home was a bit short on working toilets but compared to driving it was a good option!

We have also been busy at home rearranging the furniture, although we really need to be busy hanging pictures and finishing off other decorating tasks - a bit useless that we haven't done so yet really!

MS wise I am now taking regular Movicol for my bowels, seems to be helping to an extent, now to try and get into a better routine. Definitely finding going a bit easier now though. I have been a bit snotty and tired the last couple of days and this morning I have woken up with a mild sore throat. Strangely enough now the cold is coming out I actually feel a bit better, but we will see how I feel later! I have a reasonably busy day today with an RLSS Branch Exec Meeting this afternoon and a concert this evening - perfect timing!

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Happy New Year to all!! I am currently sitting eating 3 day old prawn crackers and watching Jooles Holland to see in the New Year - it's quite a good way as far as I am concerned! I have booze, snacks and my hubby!!

Love to all and hope you all have a prosperous New Year!! XXX