Friday, 16 April 2010

How do you ground a cat??

This last week has been interesting. We had a lovely warm weekend so lots of planting got done - I even managed to get sunburned...... Anyway, we misplaced Pepsi. She went out Sunday morning and never came back. I didn't worry about her particularly before Monday evening when she still hadn't come back. B and I went for a walk around the many paths and roads in our area and found no trace of Pepsi - good in some ways, bad in others. I designed a 'missing' leaflet Monday evening and B put a couple up in the morning and then printed loads during the day.

We had to take Cindy to the vet Tuesday evening but when we got back we heard a cat. I followed the sound and it was coming from inside a garage kind of opposite our back gate. B then saw a nose and it was definitely Pepsi. We were so relived and the owner of the garage was in so we were able to get her then and there - she was hungry, what a surprise!!

Pepsi was then grounded for the evening and only went outside supervised!! I would have liked to ground her for longer but I don't think that would have gone down well.....!!

I spent a lot of time trying not to cry whilst she was gone - thinking the worst I guess - but we got her back and she is currently chilling out in the garden following tea.

Whisky, bless him, just moped around for 2 days. He doesn't like being on his own so was really missing his sister - he even hissed at her on her return, something I have never heard him do before..... Still they are getting along fine again.

Never thought owning a cat could be so stressful!