Thursday, 4 November 2010

Pub Quiz

I went to the local Wednesday Weatherspoons pub quiz last night. I hadn't been before as I had always felt too tired. Now as part of my new regime I have decided to add it into my routine. It isn't every week so should be easy!

One of the regular pub quiz goers is our friend with MS - I think it will take some time before we get used to talking to each other about it. I think I am a lot happier to talk about it than her and I need to remember that.

I don't think I had mentioned my renewed fish tank enthusiasm? Well, we have new residents in the quarantine tank who should be moving into their new home on Saturday. I will then go to the fish shop and purchase some more new fish. Can't wait for it to be back up to full strength again!

Monday, 1 November 2010


I went for my MS Nurse appointment this afternoon. My usual nurse is on maternity leave so I expected to see her cover, however I saw the other MS Nurse who I have only ever seen at MS Society information evenings. She was really nice, although I am looking forward to seeing my usual nurse when she gets back in January.

We discussed my bowels and I have to write a food and drink diary and go back in a month or so to discuss it. I most definitely will damage my bowels if I strain on a regular basis, oops..... We also talked about my numbish face and she reminded me to keep them informed of exacerbations/relapses so they can monitor my response to the Rebif. Oh and blood test due in December - lucky me!