Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kittens and holiday

I've just been on holiday! Not that I remember being on holiday, we only got back on Friday but it all seems a very long time ago..... We went to Greece - Zante. Our self catering apart hotel was 10 mins from the airport, so no long transfers (and very little in the way of aircraft noise) which was great. Apparently it was unusually hot at around 30 degrees and the aircon was 'quite' expensive so we managed without. On the Tuesday we had the most spectacular thunderstorm which meant we had to stay in for the day - no hardship as the apartment was spacious and relatively comfortable - and then it cooled down a bit to 26/27 degrees. We basically did nothing for the week and came back very relaxed and rested!

We got back to find my Mum and Dad dropping off Orion, Maia and Pepsi who had stayed with them and the kittens in the pen (who had been fed by a local CP committee member) had grown up loads and were all big and steady on their feet - I must get some photos of them up on the website.

Maia and Orion, especially Orion, have also grown loads - they are looking like proper little cats rather than kittens. Orion has already has his op and Maia just needed to put on a little weight before she could have hers so should be ok now. Once that is done we can start leaving them out - they are always desperate to get outside :0)

I am falling in love with the kittens outside. Wispa is a lovely little kitten and would dearly love to come and live with our family. I am told he is not allowed to come and live with us. I have however advised B that should Wispa decide living here is the way forward I will not be stopping him!! B seems to think he has some say in the matter....!!! The other kittens are all lovely as well, they all seem very confident and are into everything, especially Katie who is fast and naughty! Bonnie, the littlest one is also very sweet. She hasn't yet caught up with the rest and I would guess that it may be because she misses meal times sleeping!!

MS wise things are similar to normal. My legs have been dodgy since the Great British Beer Festival, worsening gradually until we went on holiday when things seem to have improved slightly. I'd guess, again, not new inflammation but worse than I have had before in the top of my legs. Strange feeling of stiffness without any restriction or pain on movement but I couldn't walk quickly or I would just get slower and feel like I was going to trip over my feet - missed a bus due to that....

Still, things seem to be getting better, not perfect but better!

Kitten pictures to follow at some point!