Saturday, 30 October 2010


We have a new Cats Protection lodger! Bean is a slightly lardy, long haired, cocoa coloured male and is extremely friendly! I named him Bean as he is the spitting image of my Mum's cat Cocoa only somewhat larger!

Bean was being looked after as a stray for approx 7 weeks before he came to CP. He is about 8 years old, give or take and was in pretty good nick. He had a few mats of fur, very dirty ears and a tick.....yes a tick, very icky......

Bean is an entire male and needs to be neutered and micro-chipped before he can be re-homed so we will have him for a couple of weeks at least. He is out in our new CP provided pen and seems to be happy enough. The pen has heating tubes and a comfortable bed so a trade off with freedom. We have a little water leaking in to the pen from the underneath but we are working on that.

On a change of tack, my current relapse has not really changed. I still have the change in sensation to the left side of my face and gums but nothing more.

My plan is taking shape, I am managing to go to bed around 10pm most nights and cope all week which is great! I am playing my clarinet, well I am playing a loaned clarinet as mine is in for service - pad fell off at rehearsal and is therefore unplayable.... Took it into Dawkes today and they don't think it is as bad as I had imagined so I hope to have it back by Thursday. I have also lost 5.5 pounds over 2 weeks which is a good start to the new diet - Slimming World. I have yet to go into the local Sports Centre to get a price list and timetable - must do so soon......

Oh, I came across this blog on the BBC website - Tor - Past the Point of No Return - and felt it deserved a read. Tor has Cystic Fibrosis and has been waiting for a double lung transplant since July 2007, she is now 23. Tor is trying to highlight the need for people to sign the Organ Donor register if they are happy to donate their organs on their death, rather than doing nothing. Have a look, sign up, it takes 2 minutes.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

What constitutes a relapse......? of those regular questions on MS message boards. A bit like my 'what is fatigue' question I suppose. My neuro's thoughts at my last appointment were that when I have numbness I am experiencing memories of previous relapses rather than new inflammation - good no extra damage then.

I am assuming however that when brand new areas go numb I have a new area of inflammation. Disappointingly I guess I am now having a relapse, minor, but still new damage. I initially noticed numbness around my left eye Wednesday 29 September which extended to the left side of my nose over a few days and has gradually extended up to my hairline and down to my top lip and top gum. It is purely numbness, I can eat and purse my lips, although I have started to bite the inside of my mouth, so in general not bad, just annoying......

Having just come back from our holiday I am a little off of my plan in terms of sleep, but I am trying to keep to it and stay up. Last night I didn't feel well so went to bed early, but I think that has set me up to get back to the plan properly. Just need to set other things in motion - start playing my clarinet tonight, start Slimming World on Thursday (yes I know another diet, but at least I am trying) and pop into the local Leisure Centre for a Swimming Pool timetable and price list. Pretty sure there was something else I was going to do but I can't remember - it will come to me I am sure!