Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The reincarceration of Plum....

..... as I am sure she sees it! When I got home from work yesterday non of the chocolate drops had been eaten from around the living room. I started to worry that maybe she was upsatairs between the floorboards as B thought. B had been woken up the night before by scratching around under the floor boards in the spare room (where he was sleeping due to the loud snoring..) and had checked downstairs and heard noise above him. I was hoping that because all the chocolate drops had been eaten that night she was downstairs, but no, whilst cooking dinner we heard her above us.

My heart sank, this would involve taking the carpet up and some of the floor boards up.... Bearing in mind we have just sold this house B went up and took up the carpet and then two of the floor boards (which didn't want to come up..). I had said that there was no way I could leave her there knowing she was there and as such it had to be done.

So as B was contemplating how to get the third floor board up Plum appeared and decided she wanted to get up out of the narrow gap she was in, over the joist and back into the larger gap on the other side. B was right there and grabbed her! We got her back safe and sound, if a bit dusty!

How she managed to get up there I don't know. B thinks she either went up the hole for the waste pipes or the heating pipes. Little madam........ won't forget to put the weight on top of her cage again..! Oh and I did cry when I got her back!

As for the new owners, if you are reading this, the floor boards were cut around the radiator anyway so have gone back as they were and the carpet was just tucked under the skirting board so has also gone back fine, all is well!

Monday, 25 February 2008

The Great Escape......

..... of Plum .......

We got home from our weekend away to find Plum had escaped. It could be interesting getting her back...... I know she is around because she ate all of the chocolate drops I left lying around last night. She will be fat......

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Catch up

Wow, how things move on. I don’t seem to have stopped for ever……. After B proposed we started looking at venues and getting round to telling everybody and then actually went to view a load of venues. We chose Newbury Manor Hotel, Newbury (doh) for a date in May 09, all booked and deposit paid. As soon as that was done I told everyone where it was and showed then the info and mentioned the no kids thing…. This bit went down better than expected but I can tell that my Nan wasn’t impressed. I think she was also disappointed that we are having a Civil Ceremony and not a Church one. Still people on the whole seem happy enough. I’ve had a few interesting conversations with my Mum about the guest list but we have come to an agreement, they pay for the wedding and they get to invite a few extra people. I thought that was a reasonable deal!! (Mum if you are reading this we are planning on adding money to the pot, promise!).

So after all that and the panic associated with having to wait until the next day to book it with the Wedding Coordinator and possibly losing the date we wanted, we started on the house front.

Mine seems to be coming together. The buyer is approved and all the paperwork should have gone in the post yesterday. I am definitely thinking that the end of March is possible!! Such a relief…….. B’s went on the market on the 31st January, the for sale sign went up on the 6th February and we had several offers by the end of the day on the 8th February. We accepted an offer from a first time buyer and the contract is already signed! We have been looking for the last week and a half or so. We have had several intensive evenings and an intensive weekend and viewed around 20 properties. We eventually walked into a property (that was on the market for 20k more than we could really afford) that we really loved and we put an offer in. It took all day but the offer was accepted at 5k more than we really wanted to spend but it’s a lovely house!

So after all of that I woke up today feeling really quite rotten….. B and I haven’t been in for the evening for a log time (well it feels like that) and I think my body knows it doesn’t have to do anything much today. The relief of getting those two things sorted has been immense; having said that I am assuming it’ll get worse close to completion time.

My MS seems to have behaved itself throughout though! I have the same little niggles and I guess a little more pain in my hand than I had before but nothing has got significantly worse. I count this as a bonus! I think as a result of having a very busy life I have been forgetting my date with a needle occasionally. I forgot Mon a few weeks ago and I forgot Mon this week as well. Still not a big panic as I just took it Tues, Thurs, Sat instead of Mon, Wed, Fri. Any other news for this catch up post? Nope don’t think so, I haven’t heard from Occi Health re my fitness for my job yet so I am still working at HQ.

That’s about it! Oh, feeling better and happier overall (ignoring today) than I have an a long time!!