Thursday, 21 May 2009

2 years....

It's 2 years since my RRMS diagnosis, so much has happened since then. B and I have gone from strength to strength, through relapses, depression, job changes, a house move, burglary and other bits and pieces which have come our way.

We both started off in different job, B changed early on and I changed a year ago, my last day with the ambulance service was exactly a year ago - doesn't seem anywhere near that long, time has flown by! We have been in our new house over a year and in January 2008 we got engaged. We seem to have lurched from one life event to another - the vast majority of these events have either been positive, or have had positive outcomes - so a great coule of years all in all!!!

I am of course ignoring the MS. It wasn't easy between September and November last year, emotionally, but physically I have had a good year. I have a friend who was diagnosed around the same time as me and there is another person who's blog I read who have been inspiring to me and also make me think how lucky I am. They are both so positive and have had to deal with so many problems over the recent months - I am going to do my best to be like them!

Anyway, my point, 2 years down the line, I am married to a wonderful man, I have moved into a lovely house and I have a job which, isn't the old job, but I am making my own and I am enjoying, through all of which I have managed to remain in one piece, give or take the odd blip! All good!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Now a Mrs!!!

It finally came around, 16th May 2009 and I am now a married woman!! We had a lovely weekend, we came out of the ceremony and the sun had come out - the only time it did over the weekend I think!

The whole day went really smoothly and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. I made it to 23:30, only 30 minutes before the end of the disco. I had hoped I would stay up late but I had had enough by then and decided to call it a day, and B came with me.

I have popped a photo on, but as yet don't have any of my own - borrowed this one from a friend of mine.

We have just been away for a few days to a nice hotel but because of Swine Flu we were unable to go on our actual honeymoon as planned. They cancelled our flight on Tues last week so we have reorganised for the future. It is costing us a little less so we treated ourselves to a 5* Spa Hotel for the last couple of days - was a nice relaxing break!

Hopefully I will be able to provide a link for further photos in the future.