Thursday, 21 May 2009

2 years....

It's 2 years since my RRMS diagnosis, so much has happened since then. B and I have gone from strength to strength, through relapses, depression, job changes, a house move, burglary and other bits and pieces which have come our way.

We both started off in different job, B changed early on and I changed a year ago, my last day with the ambulance service was exactly a year ago - doesn't seem anywhere near that long, time has flown by! We have been in our new house over a year and in January 2008 we got engaged. We seem to have lurched from one life event to another - the vast majority of these events have either been positive, or have had positive outcomes - so a great coule of years all in all!!!

I am of course ignoring the MS. It wasn't easy between September and November last year, emotionally, but physically I have had a good year. I have a friend who was diagnosed around the same time as me and there is another person who's blog I read who have been inspiring to me and also make me think how lucky I am. They are both so positive and have had to deal with so many problems over the recent months - I am going to do my best to be like them!

Anyway, my point, 2 years down the line, I am married to a wonderful man, I have moved into a lovely house and I have a job which, isn't the old job, but I am making my own and I am enjoying, through all of which I have managed to remain in one piece, give or take the odd blip! All good!!

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