Wednesday, 21 May 2008

1 year on and last day at work

It was my last day at work today. I used to be an Ambulance Technician. I decided I would rather be able to have a life outside work than continue struggling through so here I am. I have a new job to go to but I will miss being out there doing the job.

Coincidently it is also one year to the day since I was sat in my neuros office being told I have MS.

I am pleased that I have finally made the decision and that my last day is over ready for my new start next week but I am also so very sad.

So from now on it is no longer Victoria Plum - Ambulance Technician, it is just Victoria Mary Plum. As of next week I am a Claims Management Specialist!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Two weeks on

Its been two weeks since we moved. Feels like we've been here for longer than that! I am doing ok. Really started to struggle at the end of last week and tried to take it easy last weekend - obviously didn't really and ended up a gibbering wreck by the end of Sunday but, at that point leart and just stopped. Since then I have been leaving work a little early to get home and nap and have watched B do all the unpacking and putting up of light fittings and coat racks etc..... I have felt really guilty but I have begun to feel better and happier again so I obviously needed to stop.

My right eye is staying the same really, ok most of the day and then as I start to get tired I start to notice it more and find it harder to look at the computer screen. Now for instance the screen is no problem, if I was doing this at 3 or 4 pm I would probably have to concentrate a bit harder. My MS Nurse says it is boarder line ON as I don't have any pain with it. I am sure it is ON but will see an optician if it hasn't started to clear up in the next month.

We had our house warming party yesterday. It was supposed to be a BBQ and garden thing but as the weather wasn't that good we spent most of the time inside - still managed to use the BBQ as it was dry most of the time. I have been up a couple of hours now and have cleared all the bottles up, loaded the dishwasher and washed all the glasses which are either too big for the dishwasher or not dishwasher safe. Still to look forward to - cleaning the BBQ and the patio where the fat dripped....... I will wait for B to surface before I start on that!

Still we had a really nice afternoon and evening. Only one of my friends could make it but loads of B's friends came. It was a sort of 2 session day. Those with kids came for a few hours in the afternoon/early evening and then those without kids came for the evening. We invited the neighbors and they seem to be really nice so thats a good start!

Oh, almost forgot, I got my blood test results this week! I have gone from a result of 123 (something to do with liver enzymes) to 66, which is apparently just above normal! My consultant has said I don't need another test for 6 months - I think I am due one in August but I'll see what they say at my appointment in June. I was really worried I would have to come off Rebif but I am really chuffed that everything seems to be returning to normal!!

On the subject of Rebif, I am hoping to get the new formula in my delivery on Wednesday. I was told I would get it last time but didn't and then got another letter telling me I'll be getting this time so we will see. Apparently you aren't supposed to get it out of the fridge before injection anymore as they can't guarantee its stability. I am reserving judgment until I get it and use it.

Lost 1lb at weight watchers over the last 2 weeks - thought I had put on so I was really chuffed!!

So my last day at work is coming up fast, then I have a week off, then I start my new job! Very exciting and sad at the same time. We are expecting B's parents soon and we all sorts of things still to do here. I MUST remember to pace myself!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Isn't it a lovely day today? The sun is shining and its lovely and warm (I am ignoring the excess tingling in my legs) and I am sat behind a desk. Bah humbug. I'm on my lunch break so have decided, seeing as we still have internet access, to post. I know I promised not to but I enjoy it so you'll have to put up with me!!

We moved house on Friday!! It all (give or take the sofa) went really well and we were in with all our gear by 14:00. We actually had a phone call to tell us all the money had been transferred at around 10:00! I never thought it would be that early, I guessed it would be after midday seeing as it took all day to exchange. The movers got everything into the van by midday, after a fight with the sofa lasting around 30 minutes and headed off and we closed B's front door for the final time at 12:15. I picked up the keys and then there we were! The movers unpacked quickly and headed off and Mum and Dad stayed until 17:00 ish to help clean up after the movers, we then unpacked a few bits, went out to get some cable for the Sky box and had fish and chips for dinner.

It was very successful overall. Romans did their jobs and sold both houses quickly, even after our first buyer fell through. My house was sold through Winnersh branch and B's through Reading. They have dedicated sales progressors who are much less annoying than the wide boy valuers and sales people and with plenty of regular pressure did a very good job.

Solicitors, well Willmett and Co, in Woodley were ok. They were fairly useless at chasing things up properly and occasionally didn't read letters properly but with me emailing them every other day the sale went through within a reasonable time scale - about 12 weeks so I am happy enough. I'm sure there are better and worse Solicitors out there and they were reasonable priced for a shared ownership sale.

EJ Winter and Co from Reading were better than Willmetts. They had regular pressure from me throughout the sale, every other day to begin with, and always managed to do what they said they'd do within a good time scale. From getting new buyers to completion was 8 weeks (ish) so not bad at all. We lost 3 weeks with our original buyers but still managed to move only one week later than the original preferred date! All very well done.

Smooth Move did a very good job. Three nice chaps loaded the van and then there was a fourth appeared for unloading. They struggled with the sofa which really didn't want to go out. In the end they took off both doors and the beading around each of the doors.....still it went in the end! They were very helpful and very nice and chatty and were worth every penny! I would quite happily recommend them for removals. Oh, they supplied us with plenty of boxes and packing tape for a deposit which we should get back once we unpack!

Other than that, I have all my paperwork for my new job, just need to sign and send it off and buy another suit.... Only have to one I bought for interviews. I guess I ought to get back to the wedding planning as well.......

My MS has decided to rear its ugly head. I'm not surprised really though. It's been a really stressful couple of months and I am now tired. I haven't slept properly for a couple of days and have worked hard. I now appear to have a touch of ON in my right eye - maybe. I've never had it in that eye before so I am wondering if it is a floater or a problem caused by my stigmatism - which has happened before. My left eye is ok which is great! No change so fortunately I can still see fine with both eyes open! I am hopeing a little rest and relaxation will help, I am starting this evening!!

Waffle over!

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Well move day is rapidly approaching and we appear to be more or less ready for it! We will be without broadband for a while so no blogging or reading of blogs at home and work will have put the filters in place to stop us looking at anything that, well anything......

Weight watchers this week was better than expected but that is all I am saying - I am starting again on the 7th May!

My MS is behaving itself still and I have had no letters telling me to stop taking Rebif, all good at the moment!!

Right, hopefully I'll have lots to report on next time I write :o)