Wednesday, 21 May 2008

1 year on and last day at work

It was my last day at work today. I used to be an Ambulance Technician. I decided I would rather be able to have a life outside work than continue struggling through so here I am. I have a new job to go to but I will miss being out there doing the job.

Coincidently it is also one year to the day since I was sat in my neuros office being told I have MS.

I am pleased that I have finally made the decision and that my last day is over ready for my new start next week but I am also so very sad.

So from now on it is no longer Victoria Plum - Ambulance Technician, it is just Victoria Mary Plum. As of next week I am a Claims Management Specialist!!


Anne said...

Along with taking on a new job, there are some other things that need to be done - sort of housekeeping - on your blog.

1. Know that you are not defined by your job, but who you are to the people in your life.

2. The name on your blog is just fine - don't mess with perfection!

3. Update your profile! You have had a lot of changes in your life in the past year and when you read your profile, you will find that the person you describe there is no longer. Celebrate who you are, not what job you hold.

4. Most of us include date/year of when we were diagnosed with MS and carry it over from profile to profile as we edit them from time to time.

5. New starts (or startovers) are wonderful because you get to meet new people, learn something new to file away in your resume for the future, and revise your time management so your MS doesn't get you down.

6. Much good luck on your new job. Get adequate rest and enjoy your new life.

mdmhvonpa said...

Good luck in your reincarnation ... a new life.