Monday, 25 August 2008

Over doing things

Its interesting, when I was diagnosed I was told to listen to my body. This advice was from both the professionals and those actually dealing with MS. I was also told it would take me a while to actually do this. What wasn't mentioned is that you actually have to anticipate your body telling you to stop because if you wait until it tells you it is too late.........

Having a bit of a feeling sorry for myself weekend, well moments over the weekend. I have had a few weekends now where I have done things that have taken me a week to get over, even when I do listen to my body. I was thinking yesterday morning, I don't want this to happen for the rest of my life - at which point I realised that it would. This morning has not been helped by the fact that for the second BH weekend running B has left his alarm on and woken me up early in the morning but too late for me to get back to sleep. I may not talk to him today.

I have my new drugs to try and stop me having migraines - Topiramate - the GP seemed perfectly happy to prescribe them and had even had a quick read up of my case! Great! I have done really really well with my GP's so far, although I think she may be a locum - one day I'll see a permenant GP at that surgery......!

I went to a wedding last weekend. A friend from Uni so it was a bit of a reunion! It was a very nice wedding and very good party afterwards!! It took me until Friday to recover from having a few drinks and staying up until midnight so I won't be doing that again. It was my first week doing my proper job this week so it was quite hard working properly whilst feeling pretty grotty all week. Still I survived and will learn from my mistakes!

This weekend was a work weekend. I invited Mum and Dad around for a gardening day and we worked on the front garden which is now looking great! Mum also cleaned most of the inside of the house in the afternoon while 'we' were putting the bark down! I have great parents and I can't thank them enough for their hard work this weekend. :o)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Last week......

......of training - in a lot of ways I am looking forward to getting onto the shop floor and doing the job but in others I am really worried about whether I am going to enjoy the job and what I am going to do with my life in the future. I may love the job, I doubt it, but I am going to give it a go. The other factor at the moment is that I have a job and lets face it, leaving a job in the current climate may not be a sensible idea.

We had a week working at our desks with mentors last week. I am guessing the training environment may be causing some of my problems with migraines. I have been feeling much much better over the last 10 days but the last 2 in training I have been starting to feel unwell again. Still only a couple of days left until the training is over and I can do my new job. On the subject of migraines I have finally received a letter from my MSN re the suggested prescription to try and prevent them. She had sent it to the address I lived at 2 addresses ago...... Never mind, I have an appointment Monday morning so hopefully I will get what has been suggested.

I'm all good re the MS still. The usual bits and pieces are hanging around but they are becoming more and more the 'norm' - which is slightly depressing but I am getting used to the idea now - its only been 15 months!!

Oh, back to work, they have allocated me a parking space at the building where I work rather than a 5 minute walk up (or down) a hill, away! That was much quicker than I expected so fingers crossed the other bits and pieces are arranged quickly.

What else.....? Oh, we went to the Great British Beer Festival on Friday. It was just the 2 of us but we had a good time. Plenty of beer, a burger and some pig bits were consumed over around 7 hours!! Needless to say I paid for it the next day but took it easy enough over the weekend and appear to be ok so far this week - if a little headachy at work.

Over the next few weekends we seem to be quite busy and not with house related stuff, real pain, would like to get some housey stuff done really. Still I am going to watch a friend get married next weekend (without B!!) so am really looking forward to that. Busy busy!!

Saturday, 2 August 2008


We gave notice of our wedding on Monday! Seems very real now! We both had a half day on Monday so we could fit in with their opening times and had a nice afternoon together.

Work is ok, I had a better week this last week. Not as tired and only 1 migraine. I haven't had the cc letter from my nurse yet so I will have to chase that. Want to get something from the GP before I decide I don't need it, well I have already done that as I haven't had a migraine since Tuesday, but will decide I need it again when I have another migraine sometime next week..... I have a meeting soon with the Vocational Rehab Consultant looking after me and my manager to talk about me and any adaptions that can be made to help me at work. I am hoping they will be as good as I am hoping and that I get everything I would like - such as a parking space, new chair, new mouse/keyboard and a fan for my desk. I guess having fallen over on the way to the work overflow car park I will get the parking space without much question!

I had a good night last night (and shopping trip today) with a couple of friends from Uni. It was great to catch up with all the comings and going. I can't believe one of them is trying for a baby. So scary and grown up!!

The most exciting news of the week as that we have booked our honeymoon!!!!! Two weeks in the sun!!!!!!!!!!

MS - is behaving itself still. With the humidity at the moment my right eye isn't getting the chance to fully clear up so continues to cause me problems on and off and again with the humidity the tingles are more irritating. Other than that all good!!