Monday, 25 August 2008

Over doing things

Its interesting, when I was diagnosed I was told to listen to my body. This advice was from both the professionals and those actually dealing with MS. I was also told it would take me a while to actually do this. What wasn't mentioned is that you actually have to anticipate your body telling you to stop because if you wait until it tells you it is too late.........

Having a bit of a feeling sorry for myself weekend, well moments over the weekend. I have had a few weekends now where I have done things that have taken me a week to get over, even when I do listen to my body. I was thinking yesterday morning, I don't want this to happen for the rest of my life - at which point I realised that it would. This morning has not been helped by the fact that for the second BH weekend running B has left his alarm on and woken me up early in the morning but too late for me to get back to sleep. I may not talk to him today.

I have my new drugs to try and stop me having migraines - Topiramate - the GP seemed perfectly happy to prescribe them and had even had a quick read up of my case! Great! I have done really really well with my GP's so far, although I think she may be a locum - one day I'll see a permenant GP at that surgery......!

I went to a wedding last weekend. A friend from Uni so it was a bit of a reunion! It was a very nice wedding and very good party afterwards!! It took me until Friday to recover from having a few drinks and staying up until midnight so I won't be doing that again. It was my first week doing my proper job this week so it was quite hard working properly whilst feeling pretty grotty all week. Still I survived and will learn from my mistakes!

This weekend was a work weekend. I invited Mum and Dad around for a gardening day and we worked on the front garden which is now looking great! Mum also cleaned most of the inside of the house in the afternoon while 'we' were putting the bark down! I have great parents and I can't thank them enough for their hard work this weekend. :o)



Yes, it does take a while to figure out how exactly not to constantly wear yourself out. When you feel good, you want to conquer the world. But then you have to pay the price. Hang in there girl, you'll find your own balance.

Anne said...

You are learning, that is what is listen to your body.

After you listen, then you must heed.

Alcohol and MS do not mix, for most MSers. If you can socialize without drinking, you will see a big difference in how you feel. It may only take a day to recover from a late night, instead of almost a whole week.

Take care,