Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Last week......

......of training - in a lot of ways I am looking forward to getting onto the shop floor and doing the job but in others I am really worried about whether I am going to enjoy the job and what I am going to do with my life in the future. I may love the job, I doubt it, but I am going to give it a go. The other factor at the moment is that I have a job and lets face it, leaving a job in the current climate may not be a sensible idea.

We had a week working at our desks with mentors last week. I am guessing the training environment may be causing some of my problems with migraines. I have been feeling much much better over the last 10 days but the last 2 in training I have been starting to feel unwell again. Still only a couple of days left until the training is over and I can do my new job. On the subject of migraines I have finally received a letter from my MSN re the suggested prescription to try and prevent them. She had sent it to the address I lived at 2 addresses ago...... Never mind, I have an appointment Monday morning so hopefully I will get what has been suggested.

I'm all good re the MS still. The usual bits and pieces are hanging around but they are becoming more and more the 'norm' - which is slightly depressing but I am getting used to the idea now - its only been 15 months!!

Oh, back to work, they have allocated me a parking space at the building where I work rather than a 5 minute walk up (or down) a hill, away! That was much quicker than I expected so fingers crossed the other bits and pieces are arranged quickly.

What else.....? Oh, we went to the Great British Beer Festival on Friday. It was just the 2 of us but we had a good time. Plenty of beer, a burger and some pig bits were consumed over around 7 hours!! Needless to say I paid for it the next day but took it easy enough over the weekend and appear to be ok so far this week - if a little headachy at work.

Over the next few weekends we seem to be quite busy and not with house related stuff, real pain, would like to get some housey stuff done really. Still I am going to watch a friend get married next weekend (without B!!) so am really looking forward to that. Busy busy!!

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