Saturday, 2 August 2008


We gave notice of our wedding on Monday! Seems very real now! We both had a half day on Monday so we could fit in with their opening times and had a nice afternoon together.

Work is ok, I had a better week this last week. Not as tired and only 1 migraine. I haven't had the cc letter from my nurse yet so I will have to chase that. Want to get something from the GP before I decide I don't need it, well I have already done that as I haven't had a migraine since Tuesday, but will decide I need it again when I have another migraine sometime next week..... I have a meeting soon with the Vocational Rehab Consultant looking after me and my manager to talk about me and any adaptions that can be made to help me at work. I am hoping they will be as good as I am hoping and that I get everything I would like - such as a parking space, new chair, new mouse/keyboard and a fan for my desk. I guess having fallen over on the way to the work overflow car park I will get the parking space without much question!

I had a good night last night (and shopping trip today) with a couple of friends from Uni. It was great to catch up with all the comings and going. I can't believe one of them is trying for a baby. So scary and grown up!!

The most exciting news of the week as that we have booked our honeymoon!!!!! Two weeks in the sun!!!!!!!!!!

MS - is behaving itself still. With the humidity at the moment my right eye isn't getting the chance to fully clear up so continues to cause me problems on and off and again with the humidity the tingles are more irritating. Other than that all good!!

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