Sunday, 27 December 2009


Months of prep and now Christmas is more or less over and done with..... We've had a lovely couple of days, 1 spent as a couple and 1 spent with my family. I have, of course, eaten too much and I am now trying to reduce my intake back - did well yesterday and didn't eat any nibbles, didn't eat too much at dinner and then had too much tea - best intentions and all that...... I do now need to get a grip so I don't put too much weight back on!!

Love to all, hope you all had a great Christmas! x

Monday, 14 December 2009

Weight update

I weighed in on the 8th December and today.

After my week eating SS+ meals and a chicken Shaslik I lost another 2lb, which I was happy enough with and this week I have lost another 5lb! That is 2 stone, 1.5 pounds since I started!!

MS wise my right lower leg continues to be problematic and with the cold weather gets worse. The numbness remains unproblematic however, just annoying!

Monday, 7 December 2009


I have spent the last 3 days with either a migraine or a headache - I am most miffed...... Why always at a weekend, sooo annoying. So after my plans to just have a couple of days SS+ I have in fact had a SS+ day every day since Wed. I felt so grotty yesterday I just had a tin of tuna as I had no salad and today I wanted to take nurofen plus and decided to eat a small tin of tuna so the tablets weren't on an empty stomach.

I would normally weigh in tonight but just want to veg and preferably go to bed as soon as possible so will go tomorrow after work. I don't have high hopes though, if anything my weight seems to have gone up since Saturday...... I have still lost mind you, just not much.

I was thinking to myself whilst lying in bed feeling sorry for myself; there is so much snack food in the house. Nibbles for Christmas, left over crisps, Christmas tree chocolates, other chocolates, basically a whole raft of things I would like to be eating. But apart from a fleeting glance and thought, I haven't really considered actually eating any of them - a big big step forward for me! If I was on any other diet half of the Christmas supplies would have gone by now!!!

Oh, I put the Christmas decorations up on Saturday. So far one branch has been removed from the back of the tree and some tinsel attacked, but other than that it is all in one piece!! Result!

Thursday, 3 December 2009


I am feeling a tad sorry for myself. I seem to have some numb bits which means, probably, another relapse. Thought I'd had my quota for this year..... Everything which is involved was involved last time so it appears to be an exacerbation of my previous relapse - pretty sure I don't have a UTI and did have a little cold coming but nothing arrived. Pish really.......

So normally with a relapse and being pissed off I would start to eat crap. Any thoughts with regard to trying to eat healthily would go out of the window..... Well this time I am sticking with it! I have treated myself to 100g Quorn and some green lettuce for 2 nights in a row which has made me feel naughty, but also a bit happier (ok, just realised this is what I normally do, I am just doing it with healthier stuff....still, baby steps) and am not feeling the need to eat the crisps in the cupboard or the treats at work.

Hopefully I will still lose some weight this week - I have followed the SS+ guidelines so should be ok!