Monday, 25 January 2010

It was all going so well

Another 2lb 10oz lost, and another some what bad week..... It was going soooo well until I went to Bracknell Lifesaving Club Christmas party Saturday night (we do it after as before is too hectic..). I had it all planned - we were told we would get the meat of our basket meal and help ourselves to chips and salad - my plan to just have salad and the meat. In the end they put the chips in the basket as well. I just started with 1 nice crispy chip and it went from there....... I had half my chips before I stopped Unhappy Next, a bottle of Spitfire (beer) and then at home another beer and a bit of chocolate Cry

I got back on the wagon Sunday and drank loads of water - I am lucky to have lost anything....!

I am going to try really hard to do well this week - got a brewery tour on Saturday - have to muster some self restraint!! I am also desperate to get to 3 stone lost - then I'll be on target for a stone in a month over Jan/Feb/March - I can do it!

Nothing interesting to report, life going on as normal....

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Not so good.....

The last week was difficult in terms of eating. I have eaten all sorts of things, most of which aren't too bad, more the extra fat which is a problem..... I have eaten cheese, eggs, chicken and tuna, mainly, I also ate the unopened packet of Christmas tree chocolates - around 10 caramel bells.......

I lost another pound, which is another pound to add to the total, but I am a little disappointed in myself......

This week should be ok, so far I have been almost 100% (had a little cheese this evening) and although I have the Lifesaving Post Christmas party to go to I am not that worried as it is a basket meal for next to nothing - I am having Scampi, chips and salad - without the chips and only a few scampi! It's more about the social aspect rather than the dinner! Will be driving as well - I am almost saint like!!!!

I saw my MSN on Friday. As usual she was really nice, unusually she was heavily pregnant! As she goes on MAT leave in a couple of weeks she had another MS support nurse (MSSN) with her so she could have a bit of a handover - very sensible, not like the NHS at all.... MSSN seemed nice, she was very quiet, I have another appt in November so I am sure I will meet her properly then.

It was quite funny really, I had just told her (MSN) about my current ongoing symptoms, and adding that they were getting better, and she said, so since June (when I saw Cons) you would say you have had no relapses? I said, no, I would say I have had 2 relapses! She had forgotten about August but had the emails (don't blame her, must be many, many of us to remember) and hadn't twigged that what I was describing at the moment wasn't normal for me...... She said she would be interested to see what my Cons says in May as I am still having relapses - I think I am better thanks to Rebif and only have sensory relapses - so however much I moan and however irritating it is to have relapses I am forever grateful for the improvement I have had.

Nearly forgot, I will be getting to trial the new RebiSmart injecting device for a month - thought I may as well give it a shot. Apparently it helps reduce skin reactions and as my thighs tend to get very red and bruised it may help, you never know.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Weigh in - wow!

Lost another 5lb! That's 36lb in total - 2st 8lb. I didn't think I'd make it to 3 stone during January, especially given Christmas and New Year, oh and the left overs! Maybe I will!

I managed to get to work today, local roads were still a bit dicey but the main roads were ok, just very slow. We are forecast more snow tomorrow afternoon/evening into Wednesday - lets hope that doesn't mean another enforced day off work on Wednesday - I have too much work to do to stay at home!! Such a shame we are unable to work from home, apart from making phone calls I could do everything from the comfort of my sofa.

Oh, back to weight - I was told I need to buy smaller trousers today - I like it when people start to notice and say things like that!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Food, food, food.....

This last week has been hard work. There have been nibbles left around the house and I have been eating them...... Mainly chocolate, but 3 Hovis biscuits as well - all since Tuesday. I haven't had any meals or large amounts of food and am steering clear of carbs but am a little disappointed. It seems getting back onto the wagon isn't that easy!

I haven't been to work since the snow arrived in the Thames Valley, that is 3 days sat at home. I haven't been out at all until today when I tried to get the snow off my car in order to go to work - only to be told not to go to work by my team lead..... I have been a little bored and therefore finding it harder to resist things.... Anyway, I finished my cheese (goats) and we split the chocolates last night, therefore the only things left for me to snack on are Quorn, Tuna and Chicken which are all ok if my resolve falters.

As of today I am trying to SS only. I slipped at lunch and had a small piece of cooked chicken, however all I have had since then is Leek and Potato Soup and water.

Over Christmas and New Year I ate a few things which would not normally be considered safe for someone with a lactose intolerance, however I have not had any migraines, which has surprised me. I now plan to test whether my tolerance is a little higher than it was previously and have a normal shake. I am assuming I will not be able to have normal shakes all the time, but adding a couple a week would be nice.

It may be that the Propranolol I am taking daily has been preventing them, which would be great - but I am not going to push it!! The other thing is that perhaps my weight loss has helped reduce the migraines. It is a stretch as I have always been able to associate migraines with dairy intake, however coincidences do happen, just not sure they happen that often..... My weight may well have reduced the random ones though - I can only hope!

MS - still boring, still numb, getting occasional pain in my right hand, especially yesterday, still crap.....

Monday, 4 January 2010


Happy New Year to all!!!

Weigh in tonight, first since Christmas - 0.2lb on - so chuffed!!! I thought I had blown it, but maybe not!

MS wise my numbness has moved up a little to my waist and isn't getting any better - I am bored now and would like it to go away....... I am seeing my MSN on the 15th so I can moan to her - it helps!