Monday, 25 January 2010

It was all going so well

Another 2lb 10oz lost, and another some what bad week..... It was going soooo well until I went to Bracknell Lifesaving Club Christmas party Saturday night (we do it after as before is too hectic..). I had it all planned - we were told we would get the meat of our basket meal and help ourselves to chips and salad - my plan to just have salad and the meat. In the end they put the chips in the basket as well. I just started with 1 nice crispy chip and it went from there....... I had half my chips before I stopped Unhappy Next, a bottle of Spitfire (beer) and then at home another beer and a bit of chocolate Cry

I got back on the wagon Sunday and drank loads of water - I am lucky to have lost anything....!

I am going to try really hard to do well this week - got a brewery tour on Saturday - have to muster some self restraint!! I am also desperate to get to 3 stone lost - then I'll be on target for a stone in a month over Jan/Feb/March - I can do it!

Nothing interesting to report, life going on as normal....

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