Sunday, 18 October 2009

How and when........

........ did it get to mid October 2009.......??

I know this is a silly question, the year is going by day by day as it usually does but it seems to be going really really fast!

B and I went to another beer festival yesterday, well the Hampshire Octoberfest which was a good day out. There was entertainment, entry to the Milestones Museum and a beer and food tent. There was plenty of beer as apart from a VIP evening on the Friday, Saturday was the first day. There was a Garlic shop, fresh produce, sweets and hot food - hog roast, burgers and a specialist vegetarian provider. I am a beer monster.......and it is all B's fault.

We left around 16:30 as it was getting very busy and went back to Reading to the Corn Stores. We then had dinner at The Gulshan - a very good Indian restaurant, which is unfortunately in the area to be redeveloped opposite Reading Station.

I had my yearly flu jab yesterday. Must remember that it aches and to have it on the left side in future!

MS wise I think I would classify this latest relapse as over. My left hand is a little worse than previously but not to any great extent. I am now sleeping without Amitriptyline for the first time since November 08 and in the same bed as B - through the snoring!! I am really chuffed as if you look at my relapse history they go on and on, they don't resolve in a 6-8 week time scale and are normally a little worse in terms of the number of affected areas! Here's hoping they continue to get fewer and minimal in impact!

Oh, I may have mentioned being on Propanolol as migraine prophylaxis. As with everything else I have tried I didn't think it would work, however I have now had a few stretches, 3 and 4 weeks when I haven't had any migraines! Compared to 1-2 migraines a week that is brilliant! I had a 2 migraines a couple of weeks ago but the first was self inflicted and the 2nd was after a long journey in and out of London and I guess I was tired.

All in all, things seem to be going well!