Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Relapse update

It's been a while since I posted and I haven't really got much to add today. I thought I had better log in and say hi though!

I am doing well. My left arm numbness seems to have hit a plateau and now seems to be getting better gradually. I don't really notice the improvement on a day to day basis but when I think back to a few weeks ago it seems better.

In terms of my tiredness, well I am tired, not fatigued, just tired but I am no worse than I would expect given that I have had a few late nights over the last few weeks. I have also been hung over the last 2 Sundays - not really sure how that happened, well I know how that happened, but I haven't been hung over 2 weekends in a row for a LONG time!

B and I went out to dinner last weekend, a Greek / Italian Restaurant called Il Gusto and is near the station in Reading. The Restaurant is above a small (ish) pub, The Corn Stores and both are run by the same people. The pub is a Fuller's pub so keeps B, and on occasion me, happy for the evening! The strange thing about the Corn Stores is that it is generally fairly quiet, even on a Saturday evening.

So, anything coming up..... No in a word, boring at the moment!

Oh, forgot, I heard about Rebif's new delivery system yesterday - RebiSmart. It looks interesting, we will see!