Saturday, 30 June 2007

MS Nurse

So the MS Nurse rang on Wednesday - earlier than I expected but then she is on holiday next week so wanted to let me know I hadn't been forgotten. She has posted me all the info on the four DMDs (3 DVDs and 1 booklet) and some other bits and pieces about MS. She seemed really nice over the phone so am looking forward to meeting her the week after next. My symptoms are still good, had an interesting time with my right leg Thursday night but I think that was due to sitting for ages.

I went to see Snow Patrol at the O2 Arena Thursday evening and I guess the sitting and doing nothing for a few hours may have led to the weak feeling. Was fine Friday so... The gig was very good and the acoustics of the arena were great. The number of bars and restaurants was impressive and there is a VUE Cinema inside as well, makes you wonder how they managed to fit a 20,000 seat arena in there as well!

Had a busy week off this week but am feeling much better this end of the week than I was at the beginning so I classify that as a success! Haven't had any afternoon naps just a lie down to help get rid of a migraine Thursday (which I didn't deserve...). Have had a nice evening with the girls this evening and had pink champagne! Watched 'Help, I've Married An Axe Murderer' which had me giggling the whole way through!!!

Night to all, VX

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Back in the UK - its raining......

I have just had a very lovely weeks holiday! Costa Brava for the week with B, lovely resort and lovely weather. Hotel wasn't bad - we didn't pay much and plenty of good food and drink in town. I ate shellfish for the first time (apart from the occasional taste). I had a couple of Paellas, Salmon, Sea Bass, a casserole of fish, garlic and potatoes and lots of garlic prawns - I am very proud of myself and very pleased that I actually like the stuff! Think I will stick to eating it where its a specialty though.

We will however have to sort the snoring before we go on holiday again, unless we get somewhere with two rooms.....

I have a few days now to get some stuff done. There seems to be so much stuff to do..... I helped out with the Trainee Techs scenario day today, had to act but seemed to do ok! I had a seizure, fall, tummy bug and OD'd on Heroin - all in one day! Other plans for this week include finding out if my car is going to cost me money, going to the dentist and going to see Snow Patrol at the O2 Arena (The Millennium Dome to most people!).

I had my appointment with the MS specialist on Mon. Was really good. He wanted to know when all my symptoms happened and wrote everything out. Scored me against the disability score and let me babble on. It was a good job I took my log of symptoms with me. The result of the appointment is that the MS nurse will be ringing me re Rebif - a disease modifying drug to try and limit the number of relapses I have. I expect when I get the drugs things will start to sink in and I'll stop ignoring it. I wouldn't say I'm in denial just not letting it sink in properly..... On the plus side things are definitely almost 100% better so I can start sorting out work!!! Yeay!!!!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

What day is it??

Seem to be loosing the plot as to what day it is at the moment......I think I have a better idea when I am working shifts!!

So things are going well, had a bad day on Tuesday, headache (not migrane) that wouldn't go away and overtired but I guess that was a result of the visit to Bridlington at the weekend. Around 4 hours each way in the car and more activity over a weekend than I am used to at the moment! The rest of the week and weekend has been good. Working 5 hours a day instead of 4 (apart from Tues) and not having a nap everyday. Haven't managed as much exercise this week but it will keep raining - took to walking up and down the stairs today.......

B and his Dad went Gliding on Sunday, that is why we went up to Brid. They both landed with huge smiles on their faces!! We also went to a garden centre - bought 4 Clematis and some pots for them and we went and walked along the beach front in Scarborough. Was all very nice and relaxed!

Yesterday was a hard day in that I took Nan for the results of her biopsy, she has 2 tumors but can take tablets to keep them at bay. Think she was pleased that they don't need to operate, yet......

As for me, well I have my 2 appointments, couple of weeks and I will see the specialist at the RBH and then my EEG appointment at the JR is in July. Hopefully then it will be all over and done with....... I think things are getting quite a lot better at the moment, I just need to build my legs up to more walking and get what little fitness I had back first!! Oh and not to mention getting some weight off so as to fit back into my uniform.......!!!!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Its been a while since I've written, seem to have been busy but not acheived much......

Since going back to work I have continued to do approx 4 hour days. Last week I managed two days before feeling tired and leaving work half hour early on the third, this week I am on my fourth day and am tired but think I will manage till 14:00 before I give up and go home for a snooze! I am hoping to increase my hours a little next week. I have done at least 4 1/2 hours most days this week so will try for 5 hours next week!

Since I last wrote I have turned 26! Older that a quarter of a century!! I was taken to a very nice French Restaurant by B and had a lovely meal. Wasn't convinced to begin with, never been to a French place before but once I had asked a few questions about the menu I picked Duck and it was really good food!! I had a really lovely evening, then I got drunk back at B's place and ended up crying about MS related stuff and then drank sparkley wine and felt better!!

B gave me an MP3 player with lots of music already on it which was a great pressie and also really lovely of him to get it all set up and ready to go.

The weekend just gone we worked in the garden which was really hard work and I survived! Was knackard afterwards and my legs felt like jelly but the next day I was fine, if a little stiff which I was really pleased about!

Just one disappointment since my last post, I went for a walk yesterday and had decided to go to my local park - about 20 mins each way. I made it half way down my road and realised that it wasn't happening so made the end of the road and back my target. About a mile. My legs just felt like jelly by the time I got home. Although I'm pleased my heart and lungs didn't even notice I was walking after months of doing very little I was disappointed as I can't go back on the road when struggling to walk a mile....... Such is life.......

Right think I'm going to go home and go for another walk and then that snooze!