Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Back in the UK - its raining......

I have just had a very lovely weeks holiday! Costa Brava for the week with B, lovely resort and lovely weather. Hotel wasn't bad - we didn't pay much and plenty of good food and drink in town. I ate shellfish for the first time (apart from the occasional taste). I had a couple of Paellas, Salmon, Sea Bass, a casserole of fish, garlic and potatoes and lots of garlic prawns - I am very proud of myself and very pleased that I actually like the stuff! Think I will stick to eating it where its a specialty though.

We will however have to sort the snoring before we go on holiday again, unless we get somewhere with two rooms.....

I have a few days now to get some stuff done. There seems to be so much stuff to do..... I helped out with the Trainee Techs scenario day today, had to act but seemed to do ok! I had a seizure, fall, tummy bug and OD'd on Heroin - all in one day! Other plans for this week include finding out if my car is going to cost me money, going to the dentist and going to see Snow Patrol at the O2 Arena (The Millennium Dome to most people!).

I had my appointment with the MS specialist on Mon. Was really good. He wanted to know when all my symptoms happened and wrote everything out. Scored me against the disability score and let me babble on. It was a good job I took my log of symptoms with me. The result of the appointment is that the MS nurse will be ringing me re Rebif - a disease modifying drug to try and limit the number of relapses I have. I expect when I get the drugs things will start to sink in and I'll stop ignoring it. I wouldn't say I'm in denial just not letting it sink in properly..... On the plus side things are definitely almost 100% better so I can start sorting out work!!! Yeay!!!!

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