Saturday, 30 June 2007

MS Nurse

So the MS Nurse rang on Wednesday - earlier than I expected but then she is on holiday next week so wanted to let me know I hadn't been forgotten. She has posted me all the info on the four DMDs (3 DVDs and 1 booklet) and some other bits and pieces about MS. She seemed really nice over the phone so am looking forward to meeting her the week after next. My symptoms are still good, had an interesting time with my right leg Thursday night but I think that was due to sitting for ages.

I went to see Snow Patrol at the O2 Arena Thursday evening and I guess the sitting and doing nothing for a few hours may have led to the weak feeling. Was fine Friday so... The gig was very good and the acoustics of the arena were great. The number of bars and restaurants was impressive and there is a VUE Cinema inside as well, makes you wonder how they managed to fit a 20,000 seat arena in there as well!

Had a busy week off this week but am feeling much better this end of the week than I was at the beginning so I classify that as a success! Haven't had any afternoon naps just a lie down to help get rid of a migraine Thursday (which I didn't deserve...). Have had a nice evening with the girls this evening and had pink champagne! Watched 'Help, I've Married An Axe Murderer' which had me giggling the whole way through!!!

Night to all, VX

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