Thursday, 14 June 2007

What day is it??

Seem to be loosing the plot as to what day it is at the moment......I think I have a better idea when I am working shifts!!

So things are going well, had a bad day on Tuesday, headache (not migrane) that wouldn't go away and overtired but I guess that was a result of the visit to Bridlington at the weekend. Around 4 hours each way in the car and more activity over a weekend than I am used to at the moment! The rest of the week and weekend has been good. Working 5 hours a day instead of 4 (apart from Tues) and not having a nap everyday. Haven't managed as much exercise this week but it will keep raining - took to walking up and down the stairs today.......

B and his Dad went Gliding on Sunday, that is why we went up to Brid. They both landed with huge smiles on their faces!! We also went to a garden centre - bought 4 Clematis and some pots for them and we went and walked along the beach front in Scarborough. Was all very nice and relaxed!

Yesterday was a hard day in that I took Nan for the results of her biopsy, she has 2 tumors but can take tablets to keep them at bay. Think she was pleased that they don't need to operate, yet......

As for me, well I have my 2 appointments, couple of weeks and I will see the specialist at the RBH and then my EEG appointment at the JR is in July. Hopefully then it will be all over and done with....... I think things are getting quite a lot better at the moment, I just need to build my legs up to more walking and get what little fitness I had back first!! Oh and not to mention getting some weight off so as to fit back into my uniform.......!!!!

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