Thursday, 7 June 2007

Its been a while since I've written, seem to have been busy but not acheived much......

Since going back to work I have continued to do approx 4 hour days. Last week I managed two days before feeling tired and leaving work half hour early on the third, this week I am on my fourth day and am tired but think I will manage till 14:00 before I give up and go home for a snooze! I am hoping to increase my hours a little next week. I have done at least 4 1/2 hours most days this week so will try for 5 hours next week!

Since I last wrote I have turned 26! Older that a quarter of a century!! I was taken to a very nice French Restaurant by B and had a lovely meal. Wasn't convinced to begin with, never been to a French place before but once I had asked a few questions about the menu I picked Duck and it was really good food!! I had a really lovely evening, then I got drunk back at B's place and ended up crying about MS related stuff and then drank sparkley wine and felt better!!

B gave me an MP3 player with lots of music already on it which was a great pressie and also really lovely of him to get it all set up and ready to go.

The weekend just gone we worked in the garden which was really hard work and I survived! Was knackard afterwards and my legs felt like jelly but the next day I was fine, if a little stiff which I was really pleased about!

Just one disappointment since my last post, I went for a walk yesterday and had decided to go to my local park - about 20 mins each way. I made it half way down my road and realised that it wasn't happening so made the end of the road and back my target. About a mile. My legs just felt like jelly by the time I got home. Although I'm pleased my heart and lungs didn't even notice I was walking after months of doing very little I was disappointed as I can't go back on the road when struggling to walk a mile....... Such is life.......

Right think I'm going to go home and go for another walk and then that snooze!

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