Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Back to work

I went back to work today. After having made the decision to take some time out on Thursday I have had a really nice relaxing time. Five days to do what I please (within reason....) I have seen my family and a couple of friends and spent some proper time with B. We had a chat Friday night, he said he was sorry for assuming that I knew he would be there and gave me the reassurance that I needed. He said that it didn't change anything and thought I would know that, which I think I did, I just needed to hear it....... we got there in the end!

Having taken my last dose of Pred on Friday morning I now feel much, much better. Probably a combination of that and a slow acceptance.....

I am no longer taking any pain relief, I think Sunday was the first day I took nothing. It is quite a relief considering every two hours I was taking either Paracetamol or Ibuprofen!! I still have a little pain in my back, especially when I have been standing for a while and when I first go to bed but its nothing I haven't had before and its not really bothering me. My left eye vision is also much, much better. The vision is not as crisp as the right eye but I can now only tell when I actually check to see what I can see!

There hasn't been much change in my legs and arms but they are not getting worse! I tried the pigeon steps thing when I saw the neurologist on the 21st and I could do it. The last time I tried I couldn't so I am still hoping and praying that there is still slow progress.

So as for today I did about four hours at work. Glad I went back today, getting life back to normal slowly. I felt at the time I could have done another hour or so but I am now feeling tired. I have done a couple of other things tonight, like saying bye to my brother before he goes back on his flight, but not all that much. I guess that means that starting at four hours a day is a good idea and hopefully doing more as I am able.

I really need to start getting some exercise as well. I haven't done a lot over the last couple of months, been to uncomfortable to do anything more than a 10 minute walk. Dad wants to start Slimfast and start swimming from next week so I think I will join him. I am already doing the Slimfast diet thingy, although it went to pot last week for obvious reasons. Started again today!!

Anyway, sometimes I sit there and think, I don't want this. Sometimes the messages I read on the MS website scare me and I think why am I reading this but then sometimes the messages are really helpful and encouraging. Most of the time I am ok, want my life to be as it was (without forgetting the MS), back on the road. Time to just get on with it now!! Stop eating chocolate (mostly), stop drinking wine (apart from on my birthday) and look forward to my holiday for which doing the first two things will have helped me loose a couple of pounds!!

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