Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Lack of sleep - again....

My apologies - this is going to become a little self serving while I put down my thoughts at the moment. Having said that it is the point of this blog for the time being.

So last night was interesting. Not long after I posted yesterday I developed lower back pain. I think this is probably the steroids, can't believe I can take that much Pred (500mg) without something unwanted happening, however I woke up this morning without the pain and then it reappeared after about 15 mins so I'm not sure if its the Pred or just tense muscles. Not as painful this morning as last night though.

Having something to frustrate me did however stop my brain mulling over too much which meant that after I finally gave in and consumed (a relatively small amount of) alcohol I slept. I have had about 4 1/2 hours which to be honest is more than I expected.

Today I plan to tell my Station Officer and the guys I am working with at the moment. Was going to try and go to work but I think it'll be a bit much with the constant ache in my back and head. At least my left eye is feeling a bit better, I didn't wake with a headache above my left eye this morning - must think about the plus side!

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