Monday, 29 December 2008

Merry Christmas

To all! It is of course after Christmas but having been away for a couple of days and over to Mum and Dad's place for the second round of Christmas this is my first opportunity. B and I went up to Bridlington for Christmas this year, our first Christmas together and I fancied a quieter one than I knew we'd get at my parents. It was really nice and I'm glad we went but I really missed my family Christmas morning, enough to have a little cry...!

Pepsi and Whisky went to spend Christmas with Mum and Dad which went really well considering their cat is 13 years old and very much the Queen of the house. Whisky was very interested in Cocoa and Pepsi hissed at Cocoa a lot but they basically kept apart and things went well. They both climbed the Christmas tree's at both houses, but were generally well behaved! We went round to Mum and Dad's yesterday to have 'Boxing Day' dinner and tea and to give/open our presents. It was a very different day to our actual Christmas and Boxing Day and it was great to see the family.

We brought the kitties home that evening as well. We have noticed some behaviour on Pepsi's part which is making us nervous so we have brought Whisky's pre-op appointment forward a week and are keeping them separated when we aren't in as we don't want any kittens. Whisky fortunately seems oblivious to her behaviour and just wants to play still, but we are not taking any chances!!

I am feeling much better and my wellness has been commented on by B's parents. Apparently I appeared a lot better than last time they saw me. I think just the fact I am sleeping well is making a huge difference still. I will visit my counsellor the second week of January and then may see her every other week rather than weekly. I am hoping to start increasing my hours gradually in the New Year, get back to full time hours fairly soon.

I have recently sent off my paperwork to the DVLA for my C1 yearly renewal and have been told I have to have a visual field test at the hospital. I know there won't be a problem as my eye sight and visual field are fine. It's just a pain having to jump through hoops to keep things..... I know it's a good thing really........ I probably wouldn't bother but I spent £800 getting that license and I would like to keep it.

Anyway, I have to go off to get induced to a gym, it'll be soooooo much fun!!