Saturday, 25 June 2011


It's been a while. I wasn't sure what to write. The sudden death of Whisky, our male cat was hard to write about. The shortest I can put it is that Whisky became ill on the Friday, we took him to the vets Saturday morning and they couldn't find anything wrong and sent him home with an anti-emetic. Sunday I rang the VetsNow clinic and we took him in a little later, they admitted him for tests with a very low temperature and a little while later we found out that he was in acute renal failure. Whisky was later referred to the Royal Veterinary College where they tried to get his kidneys working but at noon on Monday the 16th May Whisky was put to sleep. We will never know what exactly happened to Whisky but he is likely to have been poisoned by something - felt unlikely to be anti-freeze poisoning due to his presentation. I have glossed over the weekend really, gut wrenching, are good words to describe it, there were lots of tears and sadness, but mainly I didn't want him to suffer.

Whisky left a huge hole, it's amazing how much we, I, miss the cheeky, idiotic, sweet personality of our little boy cat. Pepsi and Whisky were very different personalities and now that he is gone the differences are all the more obvious.

Having been asked on a couple of occasions whether we will get another cat we have taken the decision to adopt a 9 week old brother and sister. We know that mixing Pepsi and the new kittens will be difficult but as she will be the elder cat in the family we are hoping that they get on eventually...

Maia (tortie/white) and Orion (ginger) (star theme) will be joining us tomorrow (Sunday), we have made plans to ensure the cats are separated when we are not there initially and Pepsi will be allowed upstairs overnight - assuming she doesn't jump on my head!!

Other news, well also the 16 May was our 2nd wedding anniversary - needless to say it went by without acknowledgement (on the day), although we had gone out for a meal at Loch Fyne on the Friday before we knew Whisky was ill.

I have also had my annual appointment with Dr Weir my neurologist. He thinks that although I had a relapse in September/October when my face went numb I am doing well and that things have been quiet. I am therefore destined to stay on Rebif injections instead of tablets..... I know, it's a good thing, I am not bad enough to warrant changing anything, but tablets would be good!!