Friday, 18 May 2007

Why can't I sleep??

I'm guessing the fact that I had a phone call from my specialist regarding my MRI results has done it. I now know that in theory nothing horrendous is going on, but I still need blood tests and a chat with the specialist.

I am sat at 03:20 starting a blog for the first time, not sure how good I'll be at it but I will give it my best shot. My diary writing got me into a whole heap of trouble when I was about 17, my Mum read it and found out I was doing all the things she hoped to find out I wasn't doing....... Still a few years have gone past since then!!

So the first thing I'll do is recount why I am sitting here typing, not sleeping or working........

I work as an Ambulance Technician for the Berkshire Division of South Central Ambulance Service (formally Royal Berkshire Ambulance NHS Trust) mainly based in Bracknell. I am however on relief and as I am sure you will know from other blogs I can be sent to work at any of the other five Stations(or response points) in Berkshire and the response point in Henley. About 10 weeks ago I took myself off the road because I couldn't feel my legs properly causing me to feel unsteady on stairs (not good when carrying patients.....) and feel unhappy driving ambulances. Since then my legs are still the same and I have developed problems with the movement of both my eyes. Currently my left eye is causing me the most grief......

I had an MRI finally on Wednesday 16th which was an experience! From seeing programs like House I expected something much bigger and intimidating with deafening noise. Well, I picked NOW 51 as my music for the session, which I was told would be about 40 minutes, and then prepared myself. I was in and out, including the walk to and from the department in 1hour - amazing! The machine was small and I could always hear the music over the banging. I think I almost fell asleep at one point - very relaxing!! Think I may be a bit strange thinking that but hey, I rather enjoyed it!!! I make no apologies for my taste in music by the way. NOW 51 was just my thing!

So what am I going to get up to now? I've had a hot chocolate and a nibble, I've tried going back to bed. I think I will just stick to the Hornblower marathon I have embarked on, that should send me to sleep!

December 28th 2007:

Shame the opening paragraph of this post didn't hold true. I was told I had MS about 48 hours after I started this blog, it could have been worse but it was bad enough. I have since had many ups and downs, relapsing for 10 months of this year so far.

I was asked recently if I would like to rewind this year and go back to being well. I replied that if I rewound this year I wouldn't have my other half and I would rather have both B and the MS than lose B to get rid of the MS. 2007 has been very naff in some ways but brilliant in others. Roll on 2008!!

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