Friday, 6 July 2007

Getting back to normality, whatever that is.....

Its been long enough that I am getting used to the Mon - Fri lark and not doing much in my spare time. This week I have taken steps to get back to MY life! I have an Occi Health appointment (I hope I don't have to get stroppy with them) and have emailed my station manager to let him know I am ready to go back, fingers crossed the first week of August!!! I am back working full hours at HQ as well now. Not really got enough to do as the two new bods are doing all the jobs and there is very little point in me taking on more work. Still finding enough to keep me occupied most of the day!

I have a few little tingling sensations left in my feet and the vision in my left eye is still a little less crisp than my right but between the two eyes my vision is fine. Considering how many parts of my body have been affected over the last 5 months I think I am doing well!!!

I went to watch the Summer Soiree of the Orchestra I play in last night. I haven't played this term and have really missed it. By the time I was feeling well enough to drive and play it was too late to join in. Going next week for a sight reading evening and then back properly in September. I am back to lifesaving stuff, have been for a while so that has been good and am back pubbing more regularly!

So all in all things are going well!!

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