Tuesday, 24 July 2007

At Work!

I am posting from work!! It is 00:20 and I have been on base since about 21:30. This is a sure sign that I will not be finishing at 01:00 as planned....... This is my first shift back on th road since the beginning of March. It is such a relief to be back and not be suffering! I am feeling a little tired but then it is gone midnight.

I am working as a 3rd man with a crew tonight and the next couple of nights so I can get back to it gently! So far tonight we have seen 2 patients both of which needed our help! I haven't done anything too taxing though. I have attached the 3 lead monitoring and sats probe and have drawn up some flush, the 2nd pt needed boarding from a very unhelpful place and position requiring a 4th pair of hands! Used the ED2000 (a spinal immobilisation extraction tool mainly used in RTAs) to help so we could move him onto the spinal board as nothing else would fit. I have previously used the ED2000 once to immobalise a pelvis and twice at RTAs. Haven't used it for ages and used it my first shift back!!

I have had a good first shift (fingers crossed I'm nearly done) and look forward to getting out there as a crew again - here's to next week!!

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