Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Fed up.....

Its been over two weeks since my appointment with my MS Nurse and I haven't heard from the woman about my drugs yet..... I am fed up with waiting for things. I am also waiting for the results of my EEG which was three weeks ago. Will email my MS Nurse tomorrow when I get home from shopping (with Mum) and ask re the drugs and test results.

Other than that all is good! Am using my days off well by doing very little, went to the pub yesterday and walked down to the pet shop today. A little bit of tidying and washing and thats it!

The weekend was relatively busy. Friday evening my parents came round to B's for dinner, B cooked, I did the starters, and we had a nice evening with wine and music! Went very well I think! Saturday afternoon/evening was a BBQ on the communal garden at my place. We were really worried about the weather but in the end we were out there from 15:30 till 20:00 and most people from the block attended at some point!

Sunday I re took my Bronze Medallion for the umpteenth time. I'm very unfit and therefore found the water part of the exam tiring but it didn't make any of my lingering symptoms worse which is great.

Back to work on Friday morning - really looking forward to it, especially the weekend as I am working with a good friend!

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