Thursday, 26 July 2007

I made it!

I have completed my first block of three shifts on the road! 16:00 - 01:00, even finished late on Tues night, my first overtime since March!! Come to think of it I haven't filled in my time sheet as yet, must do that........

I am feeling pretty good today! I guess following my first shift I must have managed to get dehydrated and so felt pretty bad during the day. I think I do need more sleep than I did before but only an hour or so.

Over the 2nd two shifts we did some 'interesting' jobs. Mainly mad women but an RTA (my usual type of job) and a well known alcoholic who had fallen over! Oh and the staff at TGI Fridays in Reading don't appear to be able to tell you what is in their food. This is an issue when you are allergic to sweet peppers and have been told the dish you have ordered doesn't contain them.......fortunately her reaction usually comes on over 30 mins and we took her over to the hospital before it really got started - let the hospital deal!!

So all in all I am really pleased to be back at work and to have coped with the hours. I will have to work 12 hour shifts but I think I will be fine with them. My (and Bs) sleep won't be so disturbed on the 12 hour shifts as they are either all day or all night rather than me getting in at 2am and B getting up at 7am!

4 1/2 months ago when I came off the road I thought, back problem, couple of months with some physio for example then back out to it. Then things like MS and tumors were mentioned and suddenly its neurological. I still chose to hope that it was an isolated incident, I didn't prepare myself at all for the final diagnosis of MS. I think in someways it was better for me to carry on not worrying about the possibilities and wait for the Neuro to give me the results.

Throughout all of this I have always clung to the FACT that I would get back on the road doing the job I love. I am now there. I know there may be a time when I can't do what I want to do anymore but I will cross that bridge if I come to it. I also know that future relapses may take me off the road again but I am hoping that Rebif (the interferon I will be taking) will limit the number and severity.

I have written an email to thank all of those at the RBH that have been involved with my diagnosis as I have been diagnosed quickly with very little fus and have always been listened to and treated with kindness.

Right, I am hungry - lunch!!

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