Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Half Day of Appointments

Yesterday was a half day at work with two appointments in the afternoon. I saw my MS Nurse (MSN) for the first time and she was really nice. We chatted about my symptoms and how there were and about the form I have to fill in and send to the DVLA. We then moved on to DMDs and I said I still wanted to try Rebif. According to MSN I can adjust the time I take it per week as long as it is at the same time all that week which is great. She was going to put the prescription in when she got back yesterday and I should hear from the delivery company in the next two weeks. Fingers crossed I will be on the drug within a month!!!

Next was Occi Health, I guess the guy I saw trusted me to know I was ready to go back on shift and asked me what I wanted to do and then said that he'd write the paperwork! Was in there about three minutes. I then bimbled over to base to organise some 3rd manning and my first week back on the road - can't wait (although I am getting nervous.....). Oh and another thing my uniform is now a bit tight......I have a week to loose a few pounds!!

So I am in my last full week in the office this week! I may pop in and make up some hours up next week but I have to check if thats ok with resources. Will see.

I am still waiting but at least my sanity is safe I am going back to work!!

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