Friday, 8 January 2010

Food, food, food.....

This last week has been hard work. There have been nibbles left around the house and I have been eating them...... Mainly chocolate, but 3 Hovis biscuits as well - all since Tuesday. I haven't had any meals or large amounts of food and am steering clear of carbs but am a little disappointed. It seems getting back onto the wagon isn't that easy!

I haven't been to work since the snow arrived in the Thames Valley, that is 3 days sat at home. I haven't been out at all until today when I tried to get the snow off my car in order to go to work - only to be told not to go to work by my team lead..... I have been a little bored and therefore finding it harder to resist things.... Anyway, I finished my cheese (goats) and we split the chocolates last night, therefore the only things left for me to snack on are Quorn, Tuna and Chicken which are all ok if my resolve falters.

As of today I am trying to SS only. I slipped at lunch and had a small piece of cooked chicken, however all I have had since then is Leek and Potato Soup and water.

Over Christmas and New Year I ate a few things which would not normally be considered safe for someone with a lactose intolerance, however I have not had any migraines, which has surprised me. I now plan to test whether my tolerance is a little higher than it was previously and have a normal shake. I am assuming I will not be able to have normal shakes all the time, but adding a couple a week would be nice.

It may be that the Propranolol I am taking daily has been preventing them, which would be great - but I am not going to push it!! The other thing is that perhaps my weight loss has helped reduce the migraines. It is a stretch as I have always been able to associate migraines with dairy intake, however coincidences do happen, just not sure they happen that often..... My weight may well have reduced the random ones though - I can only hope!

MS - still boring, still numb, getting occasional pain in my right hand, especially yesterday, still crap.....

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