Sunday, 18 May 2008

Two weeks on

Its been two weeks since we moved. Feels like we've been here for longer than that! I am doing ok. Really started to struggle at the end of last week and tried to take it easy last weekend - obviously didn't really and ended up a gibbering wreck by the end of Sunday but, at that point leart and just stopped. Since then I have been leaving work a little early to get home and nap and have watched B do all the unpacking and putting up of light fittings and coat racks etc..... I have felt really guilty but I have begun to feel better and happier again so I obviously needed to stop.

My right eye is staying the same really, ok most of the day and then as I start to get tired I start to notice it more and find it harder to look at the computer screen. Now for instance the screen is no problem, if I was doing this at 3 or 4 pm I would probably have to concentrate a bit harder. My MS Nurse says it is boarder line ON as I don't have any pain with it. I am sure it is ON but will see an optician if it hasn't started to clear up in the next month.

We had our house warming party yesterday. It was supposed to be a BBQ and garden thing but as the weather wasn't that good we spent most of the time inside - still managed to use the BBQ as it was dry most of the time. I have been up a couple of hours now and have cleared all the bottles up, loaded the dishwasher and washed all the glasses which are either too big for the dishwasher or not dishwasher safe. Still to look forward to - cleaning the BBQ and the patio where the fat dripped....... I will wait for B to surface before I start on that!

Still we had a really nice afternoon and evening. Only one of my friends could make it but loads of B's friends came. It was a sort of 2 session day. Those with kids came for a few hours in the afternoon/early evening and then those without kids came for the evening. We invited the neighbors and they seem to be really nice so thats a good start!

Oh, almost forgot, I got my blood test results this week! I have gone from a result of 123 (something to do with liver enzymes) to 66, which is apparently just above normal! My consultant has said I don't need another test for 6 months - I think I am due one in August but I'll see what they say at my appointment in June. I was really worried I would have to come off Rebif but I am really chuffed that everything seems to be returning to normal!!

On the subject of Rebif, I am hoping to get the new formula in my delivery on Wednesday. I was told I would get it last time but didn't and then got another letter telling me I'll be getting this time so we will see. Apparently you aren't supposed to get it out of the fridge before injection anymore as they can't guarantee its stability. I am reserving judgment until I get it and use it.

Lost 1lb at weight watchers over the last 2 weeks - thought I had put on so I was really chuffed!!

So my last day at work is coming up fast, then I have a week off, then I start my new job! Very exciting and sad at the same time. We are expecting B's parents soon and we all sorts of things still to do here. I MUST remember to pace myself!



It really sounds like you are doing well. Good for you and congratulations on the move.

Anne said...

Just popping by to say hi, Victoria. SOunds like the moving part went good, now the move-in part is the real work! Good luck on the new job.

Take care,

Maggie said...

Hi Vicki
Just wanted to pass on a tip that works for me. I used to be plagued by ON in a bad way. Until I started taking homeopathic drops for it. I get ON bad, pain in eyes, blurriness, flashing lights etc. I just treat with the drops (taken under the tongue three times daily) for a couple of days and it's gone. Get a homeopath to make you a prescription of hypericum and gelsemium - it really works wonders and doesn't interfere with other medications one might be on.
Hope it works as well for you as it does for me!
Take care :-)

mdmhvonpa said...

Yeah ... moving can be a bit of a stress ... gibbering wreck indeed!