Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Yearly review

I had my yearly review appointment on Monday. It being my first one I had no idea what to expect. I asked my MS Nurse and she said it would be a review of the year and an opportunity for me to ask questions.

Firstly we went through what had happened symptom/relapse/life wise in the last year. He noted down everything, including my moving date and wedding date and my new job title. He commented that what I thought was one long relapse may well have been two at the end of last year (bit of a surprise) and that it had been a busy year.

He then did all the tests they can do easily, reflexes, finger to nose, pigeon steps, hopping on one leg, reading etc etc.

Then we discussed how I was getting on with Rebif, I asked a couple of questions. I asked about the migraines I am getting, we are going to leave further treatment and see how I get on as they seem to be under control, for now, and asked if this latest thing with my eye was a relapse - he said yes, which I thought it would be, just hoping it was more of an excaserbation.....

He rounded up by saying that he would like to leave things as they are and see how I get on. Said to let my nurse know if I have any relapses and gave me a bloods form, really useful at 5pm.......

Still it was a good appointment, he was thorough and helpful, listened and noted lots down!

Other than that I just don't seem to have had much in the way of down time. I am still unpacking and seem to be busy at the weekends, or relaxing...! The new job is going well so far. I am in training at the moment, 2nd week and I am coping well with it. I get home at a sensible time and am managing to go out or do things a couple of evenings as well. The ON is getting better finally. When it is humid the ON gets a little worse but the trend is towards it clearing. The normal tingling is there with the humidity as well but I guess that is par for the course now!

Oh, got to the new Rebif finally, first injection Monday evening. I will give my experience of it, and an overview of my technique to go with it sometime after my first week.

What else, well we are still unpacking, I have turned 27 and I am trying to drum up enthusiasm for getting back to Weight Watchers tonight.......

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amy said...

Hi Victoria! I imagine by now you have been welcomed to this new subtitle as a person with MS. (if not, well then welcome!) I just celebrated my 20 year anniversary (diagnosed when I was 20!) and although challenging, these two decades have been an incredible ride. Not what I feared when I received my diagnosis. If you are interested in reading my blog it is at I will keep checking on yours. Hope the new job is going well. I'm sure you will always have very interesting stories to tell about your time as an ambulance technician. Looking forward to reading more.