Monday, 30 June 2008

Rebif/Bon Jovi

I think its been 3 weeks since I started on the new version of Rebif. I wasn't convinced when I heard that you are no longer supposed to keep it out of the fridge for any real time. Also needs more planning for holidays, but I digress.

So I thought I would just go for it, got it out of the fridge while I prepared so the condensation had time to go and then injected it. I inject manually into my stomach and my thighs and use the auto injector for my bum. I have hardly felt it! I have injected it 9 times and so far the worst stinging I have had is about equal to the least stinging I had using the old stuff! Great, much more comfortable.

I don't do anything special when I inject, just inject it and take ibuprofen immediately after or before. I have found I need to take a couple of paracetamol when I go to bed otherwise I wake up with a headache but I guess that is my body adjusting to the slightly different formula.

So all in all a big thumbs up from me!

So what else have I been up to....... Finished painting the porch - the first room we have completed, it is our porch now! New curtains (for decoration) and a lick of paint, quick and easy. Work is going well, training still but getting into a more hands on bit where I am actually doing work and sending letters. We start on the medical training tomorrow, the liver and substance abuse as a starting topic, should be interesting.

I have had an appointment with the Vocational Rehab Consultant, she was very nice! We had a chat, I told her how I am affected by my MS and she made some suggestions. She thinks I should get a parking space at the office immediately as I have to walk up a hill for 5 minutes to get from the car park to the office and it causes my ON to get worse and I get pain in my legs. She has suggested an ergonomic assessment and a chair that promotes good circulation and that I should be able to work hours that ensure I don't have to spend a long time in the car - which would mean I don't ever stay till half 5. There is also a plan in place so that if I have a relapse some of my work is taken by others and if I have to get the train because of a relapse which means I don't feel safe driving I can shorten my hours slightly to compensate for the extra time! All very good, except some of the above will be noticeable to my colleagues and they may want to know why. Haven't decided what to do get. I guess I should do what means I feel good and well at work....... I will wait for her report. I do think it is positive that they are that interested and seem to be happy/willing to make reasonable adjustments from the beginning!

And the high point - I went to see Bon Jovi at Twickenham Friday evening, it was great! I have been a Bon Jovi fan since I was about 14 and wasn't allowed to go with my friends to see them when I was 15 so I had been waiting for this for 12 years! It was brilliant, they sang lots of greatest hits and lots of newer stuff. They were on stage for almost 2.5 hours! Great lights and clever LCD screen things, it was great!! Soooooo brill!! Can you tell I enjoyed myself!! I was lucky in that the seats in front were empty so even when the people in the rows further down stood up I could choose to sit down. I survived unscathed as well, late night but could sleep in the next morning so got enough sleep.

So brilliant!!


Anne said...

That's great about the concert. Bon Jovi are going to be here in my state in August, so I am looking forward to it too. Love them!

Good news on the work front. Glad things are going well for you.


mdmhvonpa said...

Glad to hear the new protocol is working so well for you!