Monday, 7 July 2008


I am tired tonight. I think spending the day in London on Saturday playing crazy golf (27 holes over two courses) may have something to do with it.....! It was a good day though. Pub then golf, then pub then golf, then pub then food, then home seemed to work for me! Paying for it today though.

Work is going well. The training is still quite full on, although we have pretty much a whole week with our mentors this week. My mentor has just got back from A/L so having me pestering him has got to be annoying. I have been told off for saying sorry though, so I won't do that anymore.

I have an ergonomic assessment booked for the beginning of next week and then the plan to try and ensure I stay in work will be discussed and put in place - I hope. We are visiting the 'Open Door' centre next week so will see the place that deals with functional capacity and does all the work place testing etc. Will be good to see what they can do.

Anyway, other than that not a lot is happening. My Nan is having a pretty tough time at the moment due to several things but the rest of the family seem fine and everyone is rallying round Nan so she'll be fine.

Right, I am off to bed!!

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