Saturday, 19 July 2008

Tired = Migraines = naff week.......

I've had a somewhat busy couple of weeks which I think may have led to my being totally exhausted for all of this week.

Lat Friday was the Unum Summer Party, which was very good, had a couple of drinks but not too much - we had £40 worth of drinks vouchers between us - generous company! We went to our hotel room at around 12:30 which is really very late for me and were then up and out by 09:00 for shopping and getting home as we were expecting a bed delivery from Argos.

We then managed to get quite a lot done over the rest of the weekend, cleaned out Plum and the fish - they really needed a clean! We also painted the 3rd bedroom, Mum came over and helped as well! After all that I felt alright but this last week has just been really, really hard work.

Had a migraine on Monday but I got rid of that and had my first ever golf lesson! We had dinner out after that so got back half 9 ish - when I went to bed. Felt ok, if tired on Tuesday but had to go to Dorking for the day. The drive was quite tiring but on the way back I took the opportunity to pop into Bracknell Ambulance Station. There were loads of people there so it was really great to see everyone. Only problem was that on Wednesday when I got home from work having had another migraine, having a headache and being really, really tired I ended crying about what I'd left behind, the migraines, the fact that I was crying and feeling ill AGAIN and why would B want to be with me. All that sort of fun stuff. I was just very very tired and felt much better after getting some sleep. I've been in bed by 20:30 for three nights in a row now so am catching up slowly.

So all in all a pretty naff week. I have emailed my neuro about getting some medication to try and prevent the migraines - from posting on the MS Society board beta blockers look like they might be the way forward, but I will wait for Dr W's advice.

We are out tonight at a friends Wedding Reception but I don't plan to be out late and as I am driving I can leave when I like!! I have decided a short trial without alcohol may be a good idea to see if there is any reduction in migraines/headaches. I started a week ago after the Summer Party and will drink again on the CAMRA Beer Festival we are attending at the beginning of August. May also be good for the weight loss!

Anything else interesting? Work is going well although it is going to take some time for me to adjust to a desk job. I had an ergonomic assessment on Monday and will probably be getting a new chair if not a couple of other things. We are going to organise another meeting to discuss both reports and then include my line manager. Other than being tired I'm not having MS problems which is great - just need to get a handle on the migraines.......

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