Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Now a Mrs!!!

It finally came around, 16th May 2009 and I am now a married woman!! We had a lovely weekend, we came out of the ceremony and the sun had come out - the only time it did over the weekend I think!

The whole day went really smoothly and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. I made it to 23:30, only 30 minutes before the end of the disco. I had hoped I would stay up late but I had had enough by then and decided to call it a day, and B came with me.

I have popped a photo on, but as yet don't have any of my own - borrowed this one from a friend of mine.

We have just been away for a few days to a nice hotel but because of Swine Flu we were unable to go on our actual honeymoon as planned. They cancelled our flight on Tues last week so we have reorganised for the future. It is costing us a little less so we treated ourselves to a 5* Spa Hotel for the last couple of days - was a nice relaxing break!

Hopefully I will be able to provide a link for further photos in the future.


Anne said...

Congratulations Victoria! You look lovely in the photo.

My vacation was cut short too because of swine flu. I was on a Carnival Cruise for 5 days and the itinerary was Key West Florida for a day, at sea a day, then Cozumel Mexico a day, another day at sea, then back to Miami Florida. Because Mexico closed its borders April 27 to May 18, we ended up at Nassau in the Bahamas. Very disappointing but we too treated ourselves to spa onboard ship and lovely trinkets in the shops.

Cruising here in the US is fairly cheap nowadays. The 5 day cruise from Miami was $300, and only paid another $109 for airfare from Philadelphia to Miami and back home again (round trip).

Maybe you two can get away on your first anniversary and make it very special. Swine flu messed up alot of vacations.

Looking forward to pictures!
Love, Anne

Emma said...

Hi Victoria,

Only just managed to find time to catch up with your blog today so belated congrats!! You look beautiful and I'm glad you had such a fab day. So where are you going on your changed honeymoon? We are braving France next week taking Ava on a plane for the first time. So looking forward to it.

Take care,
Emma x