Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The reincarceration of Plum....

..... as I am sure she sees it! When I got home from work yesterday non of the chocolate drops had been eaten from around the living room. I started to worry that maybe she was upsatairs between the floorboards as B thought. B had been woken up the night before by scratching around under the floor boards in the spare room (where he was sleeping due to the loud snoring..) and had checked downstairs and heard noise above him. I was hoping that because all the chocolate drops had been eaten that night she was downstairs, but no, whilst cooking dinner we heard her above us.

My heart sank, this would involve taking the carpet up and some of the floor boards up.... Bearing in mind we have just sold this house B went up and took up the carpet and then two of the floor boards (which didn't want to come up..). I had said that there was no way I could leave her there knowing she was there and as such it had to be done.

So as B was contemplating how to get the third floor board up Plum appeared and decided she wanted to get up out of the narrow gap she was in, over the joist and back into the larger gap on the other side. B was right there and grabbed her! We got her back safe and sound, if a bit dusty!

How she managed to get up there I don't know. B thinks she either went up the hole for the waste pipes or the heating pipes. Little madam........ won't forget to put the weight on top of her cage again..! Oh and I did cry when I got her back!

As for the new owners, if you are reading this, the floor boards were cut around the radiator anyway so have gone back as they were and the carpet was just tucked under the skirting board so has also gone back fine, all is well!

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