Sunday, 30 May 2010

Annual Review

I had my annual review with my neuro on Thurs. My appointment was supposed to be at 15:30 and I eventually got in at 16:55 - a new low for my hospital - they are usually pretty good..... Apparently the ash cloud had caused my Cons' clinic to be cancelled a few weeks earlier and they had shoved a lot of them into the clinic I was booked into. Unsurprisingly this lead to the long delay and me not managing to get my bloods done on the day.

Anyway, I got in to see Weir, spent 10 mins explaining what had gone on since I last saw him, him doing the usual checking of reflexes, hoping etc and that was that. Still, he was pleased with me and thinks that although I am experiencing symptoms fairly regularly the fact that they remain sensory in the same areas means they are memories of previous relapses rather than new inflammatory relapses - bonus - my brain is not becoming more broken!

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