Monday, 3 May 2010

Checking in

Thought I'd check in as I haven't said 'Hi' for a while!

B and I have just had a week off together doing not a lot! It has been great, although I spent most of the week recovering from a work do on the Friday evening....... I won an award at work - for going above and beyond (apparently - thought I was just doing my job) and as a result was invited to the 'Thank U' event. This year it was at the Wyndham Grand Chelsea Harbour Hotel and we were treated to a gala dinner and night stay. We also had a small bottle of Champagne and a box of Champagne chocolates in the room afterwards.

Needless to say I got 'quite' drunk courtesy of the free flowing Champagne prior to dinner and the free flowing wine during dinner..... One by one I located the Executive Committee of Unum UK, including our big chief and dragged them (sometimes literally) onto the dance floor. I think most of the Ex Co were a little worse for wear by the end of the night anyway so I am hoping they will have forgotten me by now!!

The hotel itself was really nice. It is an all suite hotel so we had huge rooms! Anyway, a good night seemed to be had by all and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Not much else to report at the moment. I have gone back to pre filled syringes of Rebif as the RebiSmart was a bit painful, unwieldy and more bulky when travelling. I'm sure some people love it, I prefer to inject manually. I did get a shiny new Rebiject as well, don't use that very often though.

Symptoms wise, rumbling along as usual at the moment. Seem to have settled down to a vaguely sensible level again!

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