Tuesday, 7 August 2007


They arrived! The chap had to ring as my road doesn't appear on maps or sat nav yet but he made it! They are now in Bs fridge and I have a small travel bag, an info pack and an auto injector. No big travel bag and no sharps bin, but I'm sure my MS Nurse will have one if it doesn't arrive by Monday.

I had three good shifts at work over the weekend. Friday was easy, no ill people and no drunk people! Saturday and Sunday were busy, busy! I was working with a good friend which is always good fun but we did work hard. We had to patients who had absconded from their nursing homes. The first had been out for a couple of hours and had not been missed by the home in question and the second had been missing all night, and had been reported missing, about 15 minutes after a fire door alarm went off. One had over heated, one was cold. Other than that I would like to say 'thanks' to the man who had a tonic clonic seizure in the back of my ambulance after the Paramedic had left, my headache had gone by the time we got you to hospital. However I was much more sweaty afterwards and lugging you back onto the stretcher hurt my back........

We also met an unusual number of really nice people, the obligatory call from a house 5 minutes from the hospital for a 21 month old with a high (40.4 C) temperature, and no history of febrile convulsions was dealt with as usual, without the energy to point out that a car ride to hospital would have been just as easy, if not easier. Still her history meant she should have a visit to the hospital so we bimbled back to the hospital and town that we were trying desperately to get away from!!

I am still struggling with my uniform and as it is so warm I am starting to stick to it, as well as it being to small. Need a bigger one.......vowed I would never have to go up a size. Still I need to be able to move so I will swallow my pride and (hopefully) get measured tomorrow. Oh well.......

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