Saturday, 11 July 2009


On wednesday I started taking 'Alli'. It's orlistat, with a brand name, and is to help with weight loss. It works by binding to 25% of the fat in a meal preventing it from being absorbed - well that is my understanding anyway.

I had cut down the 10 days before (as recommended) but also managed to finish most of the higher fat items in the house over the evenings. With me it's all about it not being there to eat in the first place!

I can see how this helps people though. The packaging advises side effects such as wind, oily residue, diarrhoea and oily soft stools, therefore, as long as you keep taking the tablets self preservation sets in and you try to avoid overdoing the fat content at all costs! The starter pack gives you the calorie and fat target to stick to based on your weight and as I am VERY overweight I have a target of <19g fat per meal and 1800 calories over the day. So far I have eaten fewer calories each day but have been about on target for the fat at lunch and dinner.

You have to have a BMI of over 28 and it is a pharmacy only drug - you have to fill in a form - you can buy it online though! You have to fill in a form and your order has to be approved but that makes it even easier!

Anyway, I guess I will now be including a weight loss update on here. I know I need to loose weight, should my MS become problematic in terms of mobility in the future weighing what I do now will not help. Also, forgetting MS, my BP defies my weight at the moment but it won't forever. I am at a much greater risk of develping heart disease and diabetes in the future. I hear you say, anything could happen in the future, yes it could, but I don't want to be making anything that does happen worse!

On a different tack - I hope everyone is feeling some relief now the weather has cooled down a bit. My legs feel like my legs again and it is no longer a struggle to stay awake and use my brain in the evenings. Last weekend was interesting, the week was ok, an air conditioned building, but the weekend. B and I went out to do some shopping and by the time we were on the way home my brain seemed to have stopped functioning!! Still, shouldn't complain, it's nice to see the sun from time to time!

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